• Writing at the Library Woodmark

Writing at the Library Woodmark

Writing at the Library Woodmark is part of The Seasonal Page's collection of bookmarks. This product is a high quality wood bookmark with a special design and sized 2x6 inches. When you purchase the design, it will be sent to you by mail. The colors of the design can vary based on the computer screen. Also, keep in mind that since this bookmark is made of wood each bookmark is created differently with the wood component. Sometimes there will be wood shown in different aspects of the bookmark but it makes every woodmark special. What will you receive?
 - You will receive a high quality wood bookmark sized 2x6 inches with a special design. Each woodmark is different and the wood will show in different ways whether it is through the design or on the back of the woodmark. What size is the bookmark?
 - The bookmark is 2x6 inches and .025″ Thick 2ply Veneer. What type of wood is used?
 - The wood is 100% natural, the bookmark is also biodegrade.
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