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  • Di An: The Salty, Sour, Sweet and Spicy Flavors of Vietnamese Cooking with TwayDaBae (A Cookbook)

    by Tue Nguyen



    Discover and enjoy the delicious, vibrant flavors of Vietnamese cuisine with these authentic and modern recipes perfect for every home cook from social media star and acclaimed chef Tue Nguyen a.k.a. @TwayDaBae.

    Popular social media super-chef Tue Nguyen (better known to many as @TwayDaBae) moved to the US with her family from Vietnam at the age of eight. When she realized she wanted to pursue a career in food, her parents didn’t support her choice, despite her mother being a wonderful cook and the inspiration behind many of Tue’s recipes. Still, Tue went to culinary school to pursue her dreams. Since then, she’s been featured in major publications like People, and her new restaurant, Didi in West Hollywood, has been covered by the Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, The Infatuation, Eater, and more.

    Tue honors food and culture in everything she does, and Di An exemplifies that with its authentic salty, sour, sweet, and spicy recipes, many of which have been simplified for modern cooks. You’ll still find the bold flavors of lemongrass, garlic, shallots, chili peppers, and of course, fish sauce, but presented in a way that even beginner home cooks will be able to cook and enjoy at home. Just like Tue’s content for her growing legions of Instagram and TikTok fans, her cookbook is an invitation to share the love she has for her recipes including:

    * Shaking Beef
    * Braised Catfish
    * Lemongrass Chili Oil Noodles
    * Fish Sauce Wings
    * Bo Kho “Birria” Tacos
    * Bitter Melon Soup
    * Spicy Beef Noodles
    * Pho
    * And more!

    In addition to delicious recipes, you’ll find tips and tricks on entertaining, making the perfect essential sauces and condiments, and so much more to elevate even the most beginner home chef’s cooking.

  • A Kwanzaa Keepsake and Cookbook: Celebrating the Holiday with Family, Community, and Tradition

    by Jessica B. Harris



    From the award-winning author of High on the Hog—inspiration for the “energetic, emotional, and deeply nuanced” (The New York Times) Netflix series of the same name—comes a new and updated edition of A Kwanzaa Keepsake, another important exploration of African American culture, food, and family, featuring recipes and stories to help this generation create unique holiday traditions.

    Now with a new introduction by award-winning writer and iconic culinary historian Jessica B. Harris, a foreword by chef and television personality Carla Hall, revised recipes and stories, and a fresh new package, A Kwanzaa Keepsake offers proverbs, ceremonies, family projects, inspirational biographies, blessings, and of course, wonderful recipes. Structured around the seven days of Kwanzaa and the virtues each day represents, Harris shares a themed feast for each night, designed to reflect the principle of the day. Some of the menus include:

    -Umoja (Unity), featuring dishes of multinational origin such as Seasoned Olives, Mechoui-Style Leg of Lamb with cumin, mint, and chili, and a classic Caribbean rum punch, and reminds readers of the union of all peoples of African descent.
    -Kujichagulia (Self-Determination), composed of dishes from the African continent including Sweet Potato Fritters, Grilled Pepper Salad, and Piment Aimee, a hot sauce from one of the author’s friends.
    -Kuumba (Creativity) is a healing supper and communal meal that opens the gates of remembrance through food. The repast is centered around a heritage recipe and includes others for Pickled Black-Eyed Peas, a fish dish from the the Ivory Coast, Spicy Cranberry Chutney, and a killer pecan pie with molasses whipped cream.

    Interspersed throughout the book are spaces to record family memories, sayings, and recipes. Rich in culinary history, and a source of inspiration for treasuring and recording family traditions both old and new, A Kwanzaa Keepsake is a book to cherish, and one that families will turn to again and again.

  • Momofuku: A Cookbook

    by David Chang and Peter Meehan


    With 200,000+ copies in print, this New York Times bestseller shares the story and the recipes behind the chef and cuisine that changed the modern-day culinary landscape. 

    Never before has there been a phenomenon like Momofuku. A once-unrecognizable word, it's now synonymous with the award-winning restaurants of the same name in New York City (Momofuku Noodle Bar, Ssäm Bar, Ko, Má Pêche, Fuku, Nishi, and Milk Bar), Toronto, and Sydney. Chef David Chang single-handedly revolutionized cooking in America and beyond with his use of bold Asian flavors and impeccable ingredients, his mastery of the humble ramen noodle, and his thorough devotion to pork. 

    Chang relays with candor the tale of his unwitting rise to superstardom, which, though wracked with mishaps, happened at light speed. And the dishes shared in this book are coveted by all who've dined—or yearned to—at any Momofuku location (yes, the pork buns are here). This is a must-read for anyone who truly enjoys food.

  • Cooking at Home: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Recipes (And Love My Microwave): A Cookbook

    by David Chang and Priya Krishna


    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The founder of Momofuku cooks at home . . . and that means mostly ignoring recipes, using tools like the microwave, and taking inspiration from his mom to get a great dinner done fast.


    David Chang came up as a chef in kitchens where you had to do everything the hard way. But his mother, one of the best cooks he knows, never cooked like that. Nor did food writer Priya Krishna’s mom. So Dave and Priya set out to think through the smartest, fastest, least meticulous, most delicious, absolutely imperfect ways to cook.
    From figuring out the best ways to use frozen vegetables to learning when to ditch recipes and just taste and adjust your way to a terrific meal no matter what, this is Dave’s guide to substituting, adapting, shortcutting, and sandbagging—like parcooking chicken in a microwave before blasting it with flavor in a four-minute stir-fry or a ten-minute stew.
    It’s all about how to think like a chef . . . who’s learned to stop thinking like a chef.

  • Code Noir: Afro-Caribbean Stories and Recipes

    by Lelani Lewis


    "Informative and full of big flavors, this is a delicious and accessible introduction to Caribbean food for novices; will be a welcome addition to library shelves." —Library Journal

    Through 80+ recipes, Code Noir tells the interesting and complex story of Caribbean cuisines that are not only incredibly rich in flavor but also in history.

    Code Noir is a cookbook steeped in history. Not just because of the title, which hits on a seventeenth-century decree in which King Louis XIV recorded how enslaved Africans in the French colonies were to be treated, but also because it deals with the food and the people that, through the gruesome course of history, came together in the Caribbean.

    Inside, chef and culinary activist Lelani Lewis goes back to her Caribbean roots with classics like jerk chicken, salted cod fritters, pepperpot stew, and Guinness punch. She also shares new creations with typically Caribbean ingredients like cassava, corn, coconut, lime, plantain, and chilies: plantain with peanut and lime salsa, sweet potato gratin with ginger cream, and crème anglaise of creamed corn and caramelized guava.

  • Indian-Ish: Recipes and Antics from a Modern American Family

    by Priya Krishna


    Named one of the Best Cookbooks of Spring 2019 by the New York Times, Eater, and Bon Appétit

    "A joy to cook from, and just as much fun to read." —Margaux Laskey, the New York Times

    A witty and irresistible celebration of one very cool and boundary-breaking mom’s “Indian-ish” cooking—with accessible and innovative Indian-American recipes

    Indian food is everyday food! This colorful, lively book is food writer Priya Krishna’s loving tribute to her mom’s “Indian-ish” cooking—a trove of one-of-a-kind Indian-American hybrids that are easy to make, clever, practical, and packed with flavor. Think Roti Pizza, Tomato Rice with Crispy Cheddar, Whole Roasted Cauliflower with Green Pea Chutney, and Malaysian Ramen.

    Priya’s mom, Ritu, taught herself to cook after moving to the U.S. while also working as a software programmer—her unique creations merging the Indian flavors of her childhood with her global travels and inspiration from cooking shows as well as her kids’ requests for American favorites like spaghetti and PB&Js. The results are approachable and unfailingly delightful, like spiced, yogurt-filled sandwiches crusted with curry leaves, or “Indian Gatorade” (a thirst-quenching salty-sweet limeade)—including plenty of simple dinners you can whip up in minutes at the end of a long work day.

    Throughout, Priya’s funny and relatable stories—punctuated with candid portraits and original illustrations by acclaimed Desi pop artist Maria Qamar (also known as Hatecopy)—will bring you up close and personal with the Krishna family and its many quirks.

  • Forage & Feast: Recipes for Bringing Mushrooms & Wild Plants to Your Table: A Cookbook

    Explore the bounty of the natural world through 85 vegan recipes featuring foraged ingredients
    “Forage & Feast embodies a commonsense, simple, and joyful approach to foraging and cooking.”—Michel Nischan, chef, author, and food-equity advocate

    In Forage & Feast, experienced forager and chef Chrissy Tracey takes you on a journey to discover and collect plants and fungi. Use the identification guides and nature photographs to help you forage, then cook your way through fall, winter, spring, and summer with recipes featuring the wild ingredients. No matter where you live, you’ll be able to find recipe inspiration and universally useful foraging advice. From urban magnolia blooms and easy-to-find dandelions to golden chanterelles and sweet pawpaws, Chrissy shows you how to transform nature’s treasures into vegan recipes everyone will love. Discover mouthwatering dishes like:

    * Morel “Fried Chicken” Bites with Dandelion Hot Honey (Spring)
    * Pulled Jackfruit Sliders with Blackberry Barbecue Sauce (Summer)
    * Crabapple Crisp (Fall)
    * Shagbark Hickory Ice Cream (Winter)

    Interwoven with stories from Chrissy’s own foraging and culinary experiences and accompanied by lush photography, Forage & Feast is the perfect introduction to finding food in the natural world and turning it into something both beautiful and tasty.

  • PRE-ORDER: Plantas: Modern Vegan Recipes for Traditional Mexican Cooking

    PRE-ORDER: On Sale Date: August 6, 2024

    With Plantas, Alexa Soto elegantly pays homage to Mexico's storied legacy of plant-based cooking while deftly adapting its soulful repertoire to modern times. I may still be a card-carrying carnivore, sure, but I now find myself craving dishes like her mole negro with roasted oyster mushrooms even more than my beloved carne asada. 

     - Jorge Gaviria, James Beard Award-winning author of MASA

    A celebration of traditional Mexican recipes with a vibrant vegan twist for a modern audience from Alexa Soto, creator of the @alexafuelednaturally platform

    Join Alexa Soto as she highlights the beauty of traditional Mexican cuisine with a plant-based twist for simple, affordable, and healthful vegan meals from breakfast to postre. Paired with Alexa's own gorgeous photography, Plantas is a joyful, welcoming guide to enjoying the traditional food of Mexico in a modern, sustainable way, a celebration of the array of fruits and vegetables that make up the staples of this beloved cuisine. Perfect for full-time vegans and those looking to incorporate more plants into their diet alike, Plantas is full of weeknight meals, snacks, salsas and cocktails that will simplify dinner and inspire your next taco night, including:
    * Salsas and garnishes like Guacasalsa, Abue's Salsa Habanero Piña, and dairy-free Chipotle Crema
    * Taco dishes from Taquitos de Jamaica to Jackfruit Mushroom Carnitas Tacos
    * Main courses such as Hearts of Palm Ceviche Tostadas, Tamales de Elote, Cauliflower Al Pastor and Lasagna de Mole
    * Dessert showstoppers like Tres Leches Cake, Churros and Chocoflan
    * plus cocktails, coffee drinks, and nonalcoholic beverages to round out every meal

    Full of traditional flavors, modern spins, stories passed down through Alexas' family and tips for bringing more plants into your life, Plantas is your resource for vibrant, decadent, and healthy meals with beloved Mexican flavors and ingredients that inspire and highlight the natural beauty and bounty of cooking with plants.

  • PRE-ORDER: The Vibrant Hong Kong Table: 88 Iconic Vegan Recipes from Dim Sum to Late-Night Snacks

    PRE-ORDER: On Sale Date: September 10, 2024

    A visual and sumptuous ode to Hong Kong that reimagines 88 classic and iconic dishes as colorful and beautiful plant-based meals.

    A common Chinese greeting is 食咗飯未呀? “Have you eaten (rice) yet?” which is how Christine Wong’s paternal grandmother would welcome her home during her childhood in Hong Kong. Food was the language of love, with birthdays and special events always celebrated with family meals, from nine-course banquet-style restaurant feasts to simple home-cooked dinners. After leaving Hong Kong and adopting a vegan lifestyle for health and sustainability reasons, Christine yearned to recreate the flavors and textures of her family’s food at home without animal by-products.
    The Vibrant Hong Kong Table celebrates many of Hong Kong’s most iconic dishes with a vegan twist. Organized by a day of eating through the city and paying homage to its culinary heritage, these fresh, bright, vegetable-based recipes include:
    * Breakfast and Dim Sum 點心: Sampan Congee, Lotus Leaf Rice, “Egg” Tarts
    * Cha Chaan Teng 茶餐廳 and Lunchbox Favorites: Baked Tempeh Chop Rice, Black-Pink Pepper Cabbage Steak, Jackfruit Brisket Noodles
    * Family-Style Dinners, from Festival Foods to Dai Pai Dongs 大牌檔: “Fish Fragrant” Eggplant, Sweet & Sour Cauliflower, Snow Skin Mooncakes
    * Siu Yeh 宵夜 (Late-Night Snacks) and Sweets: Curry “Fishballs,” Three Treasures, Hong Kong Sweet Buns

    "Hong Kong Highlights," included throughout, showcase cultural customs such as balancing yin and yang and sharing food family-style. And Mama Wong’s tips for using ingredients like lotus root, taro, and salted oranges, offer an immersive experience of Hong Kong’s culinary and societal traditions. With beautiful imagery, intimate storytelling, and easy-to-follow instructions, The Vibrant Hong Kong Table is a treasury of fresh and inspiring vegan meals straight from the heart of this magnificent city to your home.

    UNIQUE VEGAN COOKBOOK: Born out of hardship, hard work, and diverse cultural influences, Hong Kong’s food culture is an integral part of its history. Author Christine Wong taps into her culinary heritage to offer a window into this incredible city through vibrant memories and colorful, flavorful, plant-based spins on classic dishes like Crystal Dumplings, Salt & Pepper "Squid," Laughing Sesame Cookies, and of course, Hong Kong Milk Tea. 

    GOOD FOR THE PLANET AND YOU: These easy and hard-working vegan recipes offer a way to move toward a sustainable plant-based diet without sacrificing flavor. Based on time-tested Hong Kong cooking techniques and flavors, these recipes are designed to be easy to follow and sharable, offering nourishing meals for weeknight dinners and work-from-home lunches.

    A TOUR OF HONG KONG: Filled with beautiful and evocative photography, The Vibrant Hong Kong Table captures all the intoxicating sights, sounds, and smells that Hong Kong is famous for.

    Perfect for:
    * Chinese cookbook fans looking for East Asian or Hong Kong–specific recipes 
    * Home cooks seeking delicious plant-based and vegan recipes
    * People interested in ways to eat more sustainably 
    * Travel-inspired gift for birthday, anniversary, holiday, housewarming, and more

  • I'll Bring Dessert: Simple, Sweet Recipes for Every Occasion

    I'll Bring Dessert showcases 70 sweet recipes to cater for any occasion.

    Being the designated 'dessert person' is often met with panic, but Benji is here to show you that not only is it fun, but it's simple to create desserts with wow-factor all year round no matter the day, season or occasion. From recipes made in one dish or desserts that are easy to transport, to the perfect pud to feed a table of four all the way to simple recipes to please a crowd, this is the only dessert book you will ever need.

    Chapters cover Something Fruity, Something Chocolatey, Something Creamy, Something Nutty and Something on the Side and each includes a mix of hot and cold desserts, vegan and gluten free recipes (or simple swaps), and recipes that can be made in advance or on the day with tips on how to transport or finish assembling later. From Cherry Slab Pie and Smoked Salt and Halva Cookies to a Gingerbread Mascarpone Roulade and Hot Honey Peach Shortcakes, there are recipes for when you want to really push the boat out and others that suit a more relaxed gathering.

    With this gorgeous book, no matter what the occasion, you'll find yourself saying: 'I'll bring dessert'.

  • Chase The Chef

    Meet Chase and his amazing chef-dad, Courtney Lindsay, the real-life culinary genius who will whisk you away on a mouthwatering journey! Dive into the kitchen with this father-son duo as they whip up a healthy, vegan, kid-approved recipe that is as fun to make as it is to eat. With a focus on kitchen safety and foundational prep skills, ''Chase the Chef'' is a book that invites kids of all ages to roll up their sleeves and become kitchen superstars

  • Ho Jiak: A Taste of Malaysia

    Journey to Malaysia with chef Junda Khoo in his new cookbook, Ho Jiak. Featuring more than 100 staple dishes, this rich collection of recipes showcases a dynamic cuisine steeped in tradition, from street food classics to true homestyle cooking.
    Ho Jiak, translating to ‘good eats’, is Khoo’s modern interpretation of Malaysian cuisine. Owning one of the best restaurants in Australia, Ho Jiak Town Hall, Khoo draws inspiration from the recipes passed down to him from his beloved amah (grandmother) as well as the street vendors of Malaysia. Now, he brings these authentic and vibrant dishes to you.
    Starting with simple, budget-friendly meals to cook in 15 minutes, you’ll then be shown how to make all the must-know hawker-style dishes like fried chicken wings and poached juicy Hainan chicken. Alongside the quick bites, Khoo also introduces nourishing homecooked meals, like crimson bowls of curry laksa, as well as dishes that are not commonly served in eateries outside of Malaysia. Think lotus roots steeped in a pork bone broth and fried bee hoon – a smoky, umami vermicelli noodle dish.
    Whether you’re a travelled food connoisseur or simply wanting to expand your recipe repertoire with authentic cooking, Ho Jiak will help you to celebrate just what makes Malaysian food so special.

  • PRE-ORDER: Vegan Street Eats: The Best Plant-Based Versions of Burgers, Wings, Tacos, Gyros and More

    PRE-ORDER: On Sale Date: August 20, 2024

    Going vegan doesn’t mean you have to give up those fried, BBQed, comfort meals you love, thanks to this incredible collection of plant-based street food recipes. Will Edmond is a vegan chef and travel blogger, known for his boisterous personality and flavor-packed dishes. In this one-of-a-kind cookbook, Will combines his globe-trotting background and southern roots to bring you 60 vegan recreations of famous street foods from the US and beyond, sure to please any crowd and appetite.

    Enjoy a coast-to-coast tour of American favorites with recipes like the Texas Fair Corn Dog, The Philly Vegan Cheesesteak, Chicago Juicy Slaw Dog and more. You’ll also discover festival must-haves like State Fair Funnel Cake, Spicy Fried Pickles, Crunchy Mozzarella Sticks and Crispy Southern Fried Chick’n. And no street food crawl is complete without international delights like The Gyro, English Fish and Chips, Cheesy Poutine and Street Empanadas. Whether you’re brand new to the vegan diet or have been adhering to it for years, this cookbook will help you enjoy nostalgic snacks, treats and sweets with healthier, better-for-you ingredients.

  • Listen To Your Vegetables: Italian-Inspired Recipes for Every Season

    Food & Wine's 28 Cookbooks and Food Books to Add to Your Shelf This Fall

    Robb Report's The 9 Best New Cookbooks to Buy This Fall

    From Michelin star– and James Beard Foundation Award–winning chef/owner of Monteverde Restaurant in Chicago, Sarah Grueneberg, a vegetable focused cookbook of more than 180 Italian-inspired recipes.

    James Beard Award–winning and Top Chef finalist chef Sarah Grueneberg has a secret to share: fruits and vegetables are singing loudly around you, begging you to take them home and try something new. Are you listening? Some are asking to be put in salads, yes. But what does this asparagus want you to do with it? What does it like to be paired with?

    In this incredible exploration of seasonal produce, Sarah offers insights, techniques, and recipes to truly get the best out of your vegetables—how and when to shop for, cook, season, and seamlessly incorporate potatoes, squash, beans, greens, mushrooms, peppers, and more. Each of the 15 chapters focuses on a vegetable (or fruit, depending on your definition) so they can take center stage, plus one devoted entirely to pastas, drawing on Sarah’s long love affair with Italian cooking and the methods that she uses at her renowned restaurant, Monteverde. This elemental cookbook celebrating seasonal produce offers more than 180 impressive yet surprisingly achievable recipes, plant based and not, including:

    * Shaved Mushroom and Celery Salad with Truffle Vinaigrette (#thatsaladtho)
    * Grilled Japanese Sweet Potatoes with Honey Butter and Pimenton
    * Carrot and Lamb Merguez Sausage Lasagna

    You’ll also find indispensable tips and techniques, under the heading “Get It Get It”—an expression Sarah uses in her kitchen when things are coming together perfect. With Listen to Your Vegetables, even the most carnivorous will be inspired to elevate their vegetable game.

  • The Way Home: A Celebration of Sea Islands Food and Family with over 100 Recipes

    Kardea Brown, the breakout star of Food Network’s hit show Delicious Miss Brown celebrates the Gullah/Geechee culinary traditions of her family in this spectacular cookbook featuring 125 original mouthwatering recipes and gorgeous four-color photos.

    The Way Home brings a taste of the Lowcountry South home, offering flavor-packed dishes everyone will enjoy such as:

    She-Crab Soup

    Seafood Potato Salad

    Crabcake Benedict

    Smoked Pasta Salad

    Savory Bread Pudding

    Peach Dump Cake

    Blood Orange Salmon

    Smothered Chicken

    Low Country Spaghetti

    Sweet Potato Cheesecake

    Kardea shares her multi-generational “passed down” recipes and innovative takes on Gullah classics with home cooks everywhere. “Gullah” and “GeeChee” refer to a distinct group of African Americans living in the coastal areas of South Carolina and Georgia who have preserved much of their West African language, culture, and cuisine. The Way Home is an unabashed love letter to her family’s roots, packed with dishes that combine West African herbs, spices, and grains with traditional Southern cooking. “Gullah people laid the foundation for Southern cooking. Before farm-to-table was a fad, it was what Gullah people did,” Kardea explains. “I want to show the world that soul food is not monolithic. It’s so much more than fried chicken and vegetables cooked in pork. It’s seasonal, fresh and delicious! ”

    Flavoring her recipes with cherished family anecdotes, memories, and helpful tips, The Way Home is a perfect blend of the modern and the traditional. Kardea honors her proud heritage and shows off her own signature class and sass. The result is a marvelous, big-hearted collection of recipes and stories that will nourish you, body and soul.

  • Savoring: Meaningful Vegan Recipes from Across Oceans

    by Murielle Banackissa


    A collection of beautiful and inspiring plant-based recipes filled with the flavors of far-reaching influences. Savoring invites you to slow down and immerse yourself in vegan cooking—meal by meal, moment by moment. There is something so satisfying about choosing to consciously slow down and create a dish without distractions: cherishing the time in the kitchen, celebrating the ingredients that give us life, and slowly transforming them into something magical. Murielle Banackissa—recipe developer, food stylist, and photographer—has spent hours, nights, whole weekends in her kitchen cooking for herself and for others. In Savoring, she shares a collection of her unique plant-based recipes that is both a celebration of those special moments found in cooking (grilling flavor into peaches to top weekend waffles, sitting with mushrooms while they caramelize) and an interweaving of her different cultural influences—from her upbringing in the Republic of Congo, to her mother’s Russian and Ukrainian heritage recipes, and her family’s immigration to Montreal. With recipes that range from stuffed savory crepes to lentil-filled dumplings to cassava leaf and spinach stew, inside, you’ll find: * Bountiful Breakfasts: Crispy Chickpea Pancakes with Avocado and Salsa; Rum-Coconut French Toast with Caramelized Bananas; Stewed Blackberries and Lemon Ricotta Toasts * Small Plates and Salads: Pan-Fried Plantains; Pearl Barley Salad with Roasted Bell Peppers and Vegan Feta; Garlicky Miso-Glazed Bok Choy; Fufu * Marvelous Main Dishes: Coconut-Crusted Tofu with Spicy Mango Salsa; Peanut Butter and Sweet Potato Stew; Sesame Ginger Glazed Shiitakes with Sticky Rice; Quebec Meatless Pie * Delectable Desserts: Olive Oil and Rose Polenta Bundt Cake; Spiced Poached Pear Puff Pastry Tart; Date-Sweetened Chocolate Cream Tarts; Fried Banana Beignets With Murielle's stunning, atmospheric photography accompanying every recipe, Savoring is the debut cookbook from a very exciting new food talent. Filled with recipes inspired by her far-reaching family, it is a thoughtful and delicious exploration of all kinds of plant-based dishes sure to introduce new flavors to your table.

  • Praisesong for the Kitchen Ghosts: Stories and Recipes from Five Generations of Black Country Cooks

    by Crystal Wilkinson


    A lyrical culinary journey that explores the hidden legacy of Black Appalachians, through powerful storytelling alongside nearly forty comforting recipes, from the former poet laureate of Kentucky. “With Praisesong for the Kitchen Ghosts, Crystal Wilkinson cements herself as one of the most dynamic book makers in our generation and a literary giant. Utter genius tastes like this.”—Kiese Laymon, author of the Carnegie Medal-winning Heavy People are always surprised that Black people reside in the hills of Appalachia. Those not surprised that we were there, are surprised that we stayed. Years ago, when O. Henry Prize-winning writer Crystal Wilkinson was baking a jam cake, she felt her late grandmother’s presence. She soon realized that she was not the only cook in her kitchen; there were her ancestors, too, stirring, measuring, and braising alongside her. These are her kitchen ghosts, five generations of Black women who settled in Appalachia and made a life, a legacy, and a cuisine. An expert cook, Wilkinson shares nearly forty family recipes rooted deep in the past, full of flavor—delicious favorites including Corn Pudding, Chicken and Dumplings, Granny Christine’s Jam Cake, and Praisesong Biscuits, brought to vivid life through stunning photography. Together, Praisesong for the Kitchen Ghosts honors the mothers who came before, the land that provided for generations of her family, and the untold heritage of Black Appalachia. As the keeper of her family’s stories and treasured dishes, Wilkinson shares her inheritance in Praisesong for the Kitchen Ghosts. She found their stories in her apron pockets, floating inside the steam of hot mustard greens and tucked into the sweet scent of clove and cinnamon in her kitchen. Part memoir, part cookbook, Praisesong for the Kitchen Ghosts weaves those stories together with recipes, family photos, and a lyrical imagination to present a culinary portrait of a family that has lived and worked the earth of the mountains for over a century.

  • The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Delicious Dinners: 60 No-Stress, Limited-Mess, Sure-to-Impress Meals

    by Sophia Kaur

    Save time and eat well with these flavorful, no-fuss recipes from Tiktok-famous food blogger Sophia Wasu.

    Embrace The Lazy Lifestyle with Minimal-Effort, High-Impact Recipes

    Resist the siren call of takeout and make a satisfying home-cooked meal every night—in no time at all. Haven’t gone grocery shopping? Forgot to run the dishwasher? Sophia Kaur, creator of A Quick Spoonful, shows you how to get easy, exciting meals on the table no matter the excuse.

    Skip dirtying all the dishes with recipes like Cheesy French Onion Pork Chops or Crab-Stuffed Cheddar Biscuits. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be exhausting with fresh, flavorful options like Chinese Chicken Salad and Skillet Lasagna. Or experience the magic of quick, few-ingredient favorites like No-Fry Sweet and Sour Chicken or Sesame Peanut Noodles.

    Beginners and busy folks alike will be cooking with ease with these easy-to-follow and quick-to-make recipes. With this blessing of a cookbook, you’ll spend less time planning, prepping and cooking, and more time enjoying your meal.

  • The Jemima Code: Two Centuries of African American Cookbooks

    by Toni Tipton-Martin


    Winner, James Beard Foundation Book Award, 2016
    Art of Eating Prize, 2015
    BCALA Outstanding Contribution to Publishing Citation, Black Caucus of the American Library Association, 2016

    Women of African descent have contributed to America’s food culture for centuries, but their rich and varied involvement is still overshadowed by the demeaning stereotype of an illiterate “Aunt Jemima” who cooked mostly by natural instinct. To discover the true role of black women in the creation of American, and especially southern, cuisine, Toni Tipton-Martin has spent years amassing one of the world’s largest private collections of cookbooks published by African American authors, looking for evidence of their impact on American food, families, and communities and for ways we might use that knowledge to inspire community wellness of every kind.

    The Jemima Code presents more than 150 black cookbooks that range from a rare 1827 house servant’s manual, the first book published by an African American in the trade, to modern classics by authors such as Edna Lewis and Vertamae Grosvenor. The books are arranged chronologically and illustrated with photos of their covers; many also display selected interior pages, including recipes. Tipton-Martin provides notes on the authors and their contributions and the significance of each book, while her chapter introductions summarize the cultural history reflected in the books that follow. These cookbooks offer firsthand evidence that African Americans cooked creative masterpieces from meager provisions, educated young chefs, operated food businesses, and nourished the African American community through the long struggle for human rights. The Jemima Code transforms America’s most maligned kitchen servant into an inspirational and powerful model of culinary wisdom and cultural authority.

  • Julep: Southern Cocktails Refashioned

    by Alba Huerta

    Sold out
    A tribute to the spirits and drinking traditions of the South through a leading barwoman's glass, with 80 recipes and photos.

    Craft cocktail maven Alba Huerta succinctly tells the story of drinking in the South through themes such as "Trading with the Enemy," "the Rural South," "the Drinking Society," "the Saltwater South," and others that anchor the menu at her destination bar, Julep. With historical overviews, 15 bar snack recipes, and 65 bespoke cocktail recipes, ranging from the iconic Mint Julep (and variations such as Rye Julep and Sparkling Julep) to modern inventions like the Snakebit Sprout, Liquid Currency, and Hot July, Huerta recounts the tales and traditions that define drinking culture in the American South today. Approximately 80 evocative cocktail and location photographs convey the romance and style that distinguish Julep and serve to inspire beverage enthusiasts to relive Southern history via the bar cart.
  • The Ramadan Cookbook: 80 Delicious Recipes Perfect for Ramadan, Eid, and Celebrating Throughout the Year

    by Anisa Karolia

    Sold out

    Quick, easy, flavorful, and filling—these recipes will become the go-to for Suhoor, Iftar, and other special, festive meals.

    In this cookbook, readers will find all the recipes they need to make Ramadan meals family-friendly and fuss-free. For Anisa Karolia—who is known for sharing her family’s traditional Indian and Malawi recipes—Ramadan, the month of fasting to celebrate the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, is about self-reflection, becoming closer to her religion, and sharing the holiday with loved ones. Of course, at Suhoor and Iftar, the pre-dawn and fast-breaking meals of Ramadan respectively, this sharing means dining together.

    From comforting classics like Masala Roast Chicken to fusion favorites like Cauliflower Manchurian, the recipes in The Ramadan Cookbook make it possible for readers to share simple, delicious recipes with family and friends. Beautifully photographed and featuring recipes for sides, chutneys, flatbreads, refreshments, and sweets, this book ensures that readers will eat well before and after fasting, as well as throughout the year.

  • Start Here: Instructions for Becoming a Better Cook: A Cookbook

    by Sohla El-Waylly


    Change the way you think about cooking! In this epic guide to better eating, the chef, recipe developer, and video producer Sohla El-Waylly reimagines what a cookbook can be, teaching home cooks of all skill levels how cooking really works.

    “The book I wish someone had handed me when I began my own journey as a cook.”—from the Foreword by Samin Nosrat

    A practical, information-packed, and transformative guide to becoming a better cook and conquering the kitchen, Start Here is a must-have master class in leveling up your cooking.
    Across a dozen technique-themed chapters—from “Temperature Management 101” and “Break it Down & Get Saucy” to “Go to Brown Town,” “All About Butter,” and “Getting to Know Dough”—Sohla El-Waylly explains the hows and whys of cooking, introducing the fundamental skills that you need to become a more intuitive, inventive cook.

    A one-stop resource, regardless of what you’re hungry for, Start Here gives equal weight to savory and sweet dishes, with more than two hundred mouthwatering recipes, including:

    • Crispy-Skinned Salmon with Radishes & Nuoc Cham
    • Charred Lemon Risotto
    • Chilled Green Tahini Soba
    • Lemon, Pecorino & Potato Pizza
    • Fruity-Doodle Cookies
    • Masa & Buttermilk Tres Leches
  • Oaxaca: Home Cooking from the Heart of Mexico

    Bricia Lopez & Javier Cabral

    A colorful celebration of Oaxacan cuisine from the landmark Oaxacan restaurant in Los Angeles

    Bricia Lopez’s Oaxaca is a colorful celebration of Oaxacan cuisine from her family’s landmark Guelaguetza restaurant in Los Angeles, co-written with food writer Javier Cabral.

    “Bricia and her family are true culinary ambassadors, sharing the ingredients, the stories, and the flavors of her native Oaxaca. . . . Now we all get the chance to hear the stories and taste the food that makes Oaxaca one of the best places to eat on Earth.” ―José Andrés, chef, entrepreneur, philanthropist

    Oaxaca is the culinary heart of Mexico, and since opening its doors in 1994, Guelaguetza has been the center of life for the Oaxacan community in Los Angeles.

    The first true introduction to Oaxacan cuisine by a native family, each dish articulates their story, from Oaxaca to the streets of Los Angeles and beyond. Showcasing the “soul food” of Mexico, Oaxaca offers 140 authentic-yet-accessible recipes using some of the purest pre-Hispanic and Indigenous ingredients available. Sections and recipes include:
    • The Staples of Oaxaca
      • ​Masa
      • Huevo en Frijol
    • Antojitos Oaxaquenos (Tamales and Finger Foods)
      • ​Tamales de Mole Negro
      • Tacos de Chapulin y Chicharrón
    • Sopas y Caldos (Soups)
      • ​Pollo en Salsa Verde con Papas y Nopales
      • Caldo de Pata
    • Our Moles
      • ​Mole Negro
      • Mole Verde con Puerco
    • Family Meals
      • ​Chiles Rellenos de Picadillo
      • Tacos de Barbacoa de Chivo
    • Breakfast
      • ​Chilaquiles
      • Huevos Rancheros
    • Salsas
      • ​Salsa de Tomatillo
      • Guacamole
    • Mezcal Cocktails, Aguas Frescas, and Our Michelada
      • ​Pasión de Oaxaca
      • Sparkling Limonada
    • And more!
    Lopez writes in her introduction, “In Zapoteco, the thousand-year-old Indigenous language still spoken in Oaxaca, the word for aciento (pork rind paste) is the same word that is used for children, which is the name of the toasted chicharron paste that we smear on tortillas. That is how important food is to us. In our Indigenous languages, we use our staple food to describe us as children.” When you try her recipes, you’ll know why food and life are so connected, vibrant, and essential to the people of Oaxaca.

    From their signature pink horchata to the formula for the Lopez’s award-winning mole negro, Oaxaca demystifies this essential cuisine.
  • First Generation: Recipes from My Taiwanese-American Home

    by Frankie Gaw

    In this stunning exploration of identity through food, the blogger behind Little Fat Boy presents 80 recipes that defined his childhood as a first-generation Taiwanese American growing up in the Midwest.

    In First Generation, Frankie Gaw of Little Fat Boy presents a tribute to Taiwanese home cooking. With dishes passed down from generations of family, Frankie introduces a deeply personal and essential collection of recipes inspired by his multicultural experience, melding the flavors of suburban America with the ingredients and techniques his parents grew up with. 

    In his debut cookbook, Frankie will teach you to master bao, dumplings, scallion pancakes, and so much more through stunning visuals and intimate storytelling about discovering identity and belonging through cooking. Recipes such as Lap Cheong Corn Dogs, Honey-Mustard Glazed Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken, Stir-Fried Rice Cakes with Bolognese, Cincinnati Chili with Hand Pulled Noodles, Bao Egg and Soy Glazed Bacon Sandwich, and Lionshead Big Mac exemplify the stunning creations born out of growing up with feet in two worlds. 

    Through step-by-step photography and detailed hand-drawn illustrations, Frankie offers readers not just the essentials but endless creative new flavor combinations for the fundamentals of Taiwanese home cooking.
  • Taco-tastic: Over 60 recipes to make Taco Tuesdays last all week long

    by Victoria Elizondo

    Sold out

    Increase your Taco Tuesday repertoire and take a deeper dive into the versatility of this popular mealtime treat with this collection of fun, accessible taqueria food.

    Specializing in vibrantly colorful, authentic Mexican fare using only fresh ingredients, chef Victoria Elizondo focuses on Mexican guisos - the type of food that makes you feel you are home. There are quick and easy recipes to rustle up on weekday nights, with vegan and veggie alternatives, a vast range of salsas and sides, as well as slow-cooking specialties enriched with aromatic spices. So, whether you are looking for family or after-work meals, planning a fiesta, or anywhere in between, here are creative inventions to stimulate your palate and enrich your dining experience.

  • Masala: Recipes from India, the Land of Spices

    by Anita Jaisinghani


    *ship in 7-10 business days

    Go inside the mind of a chef to learn the fundamentals of Indian cuisine and decode the secrets to cooking with spices in this beautiful collection of over 100 timeless recipes. 

    Award-winning chef Anita Jaisinghani of Pondicheri restaurant in Houston, Texas, shows just how easy, delicious, and healthy Indian food can be in this stunning and accessible debut cookbook.
    Born and raised in Gujarat, India, Anita’s approach to cooking is simple: Following the tenets of ancient Ayurveda, food is seasonal, texture and color are celebrated, and spices are used to enhance, not overwhelm. As the star of Indian cuisine, spices are used from morning to night, in simple infusions, such as cinnamon water for a warming start the day, while cilantro and mint add a cooling balance to a fiery grilled corn salad, and cardamom lends an aromatic sweetness to mango rice pudding. Masala will teach you to think like an Indian chef, revealing the wisdom and techniques to cooking with fresh whole spices: identifying warming versus cooling, what order they should be used, how to temper in hot oil, and much more. Drawing inspiration from every corner of India, these recipes include fermented dosas, sweet and savory chutneys, fragrant chicken, fish, and pork curries, samosas, pakoras, and naans, and pay homage to one of the oldest and most diverse cuisines on the planet. Expect to be wowed with new flavors and combinations, such as Saffron Citrus Pilaf, Coconut Lassi, Jackfruit Masala, Vindaloo Ribs, Avocado Mushroom Chilla, and Smoked Eggplant Raita.
    Masala will change the way you think about Indian cooking and the way you use spices in the kitchen.

  • Cook Like a Local: Flavors That Can Change How You Cook and See the World: A Cookbook

    by Chris Shepherd & Kaitlyn Goalen

    The James Beard Award–winning chef of Underbelly Hospitality, a champion of Houston’s diverse immigrant cooks—Vietnamese, Korean, Mexican, Indian, and more—shows you how to work with their flavors and cultures with respect and creativity. 


    Houston’s culinary reputation as a steakhouse town was put to rest by Chris Shepherd, the Robb Report’s Best Chef of the Year. A cook with insatiable curiosity, he’s trained not just in fine-dining restaurants but in Houston’s Korean grocery stores, Vietnamese noodle shops, Indian kitchens, and Chinese mom-and-pops. His food, incorporating elements of all these cuisines, tells the story of the city, and country, in which he lives. An advocate, not an appropriator, he asks his diners to go and visit the restaurants that have inspired him, and in this book he brings us along to meet, learn from, and cook with the people who have taught him. 

    The recipes include signatures from his restaurant—favorites such as braised goat with Korean rice dumplings, or fried vegetables with caramelized fish sauce. The lessons go deeper than recipes: the book is about how to understand the pantries of different cuisines, how to taste and use these flavors in your own cooking. Organized around key ingredients like soy, dry spices, or chiles, the chapters function as master classes in using these seasonings to bring new flavors into your cooking and new life to flavors you already knew. But even beyond flavors and techniques, the book is about a bigger story: how Chris, a son of Oklahoma who looks like a football coach, came to be “adopted” by these immigrant cooks and families, how he learned to connect and share and truly cross cultures with a sense of generosity and respect, and how we can all learn to make not just better cooking, but a better community, one meal at a time.
  • Okra Stew: A Gullah Geechee Family Celebration

    by Natalie Daise


    Featuring stunning mixed-media collage artwork, this exuberant picture book celebrates a special day of cooking shared between a boy and his father, a family feast, and the beautiful traditions of the Gullah Geechee people—perfect for fans of Fry BreadThank You, Omu!, and My Papi Has a Motorcycle.

    Papa has something special planned for tonight’s family dinnerand Bobo can’t wait! Eager to learn how to make okra stew like his ancestors, Bobo helps Papa pick and chop vegetables from the garden, catch shrimp from the creek, rain down rice in the pot, simmer the stew, and even make a tasty side of cornbreadall culminating in a mouthwatering feast enjoyed by three generations of family members.

    Inspired by Natalie Daise's own Gullah Geechee culture, this rhythmic, joyous debut picture bookfrom the co-creator of the hit '90s Nickelodeon show Gullah Gullah Islandis a celebration of Gullah Geechee traditions and highlights a special day shared between father and son as they cook a central cultural dish. Backmatter includes a detailed author’s note about Gullah culture and Natalie's own okra stew recipe.

  • Sweet Soulful Baking: Recipes Inspired by Southern Roots

    by Monique Polanco


    Food photographer and baking extraordinaire Monique Polanco presents the most tempting, beautiful and easy-to-make holiday desserts, from fruit-filled cakes to night-before-Christmas nibbles.

    Irresistible Recipes Filled with The Heart & Soul of the South

    Discover an exciting collection of delightful desserts inspired by Southern baking traditions. Monique McLeod-Polanco’s recipes are brimming with soulful flair and rich flavors while prioritizing simplicity for the home cook. Drawing inspiration from her family’s celebrations and holiday meals, these 60 scrumptious recipes will conjure all the nostalgic flavors from your youth yet dazzle the modern palate.

    Fall in love with Monique’s fresh approach to the classics, including an outstanding Orange, Bourbon & Pecan Pie and a drool-worthy Coconut Cake with Lime Curd that will impress your family and friends. Recapture the magic of your grandmother’s kitchen in summertime with One-Layer Strawberry Basil Shortcake, or elevate tradi- tional holiday bakes with Browned Butter Sweet Potato Pie that will be the star of your Thanksgiving table.

    So, grab your whisk and take a trip down South, where the secret ingredient is always love—and a bit of sugar! These showstopping desserts invite you to turn the simple, joyful act of baking into a cause for celebration.

  • PRE-ORDER: New World Baking: 150 Recipes from Central America, South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean

    by Bryan Ford


    PRE-ORDER: ON SALE DATE: November 12, 2024

    A groundbreaking new book from the Magnolia network TV star exploring the baking traditions of Latin America, infusing classic breads and pastries with new energy and introducing readers to the cultures and stories behind each recipe

    Bryan Ford has changed the way the world sees baking; no longer the Euro-centric approach to the craft, he broadens the scope to celebrate the baking traditions of Latin America, starting with a simple approach to recipes and technique, and sharing the depth and nuance of the stories behind each loaf and pastry. 

    Taking a completely unique, yet long overdue approach, there is no book like New World Baking on the market. From Pan de Mole to Medialunas, Palmeritas to Pan Frances, and Flan to Arepa Dulce de Maiz, the recipes here will highlight the beauty and breadth of Latin American baking. This is an essential baking book for every home baker looking to expand their understanding of the history of the craft and explore the sweets and treats, breads and bakes of this region, from the Caribbean to Peru. 

  • My Everyday Lagos: Nigerian Cooking at Home and in the Diaspora

    by Yewande Komolafe


    An acclaimed food writer and cook celebrates the many cuisines found in Lagos, Nigeria's biggest city, with 75 recipes that mirror her own powerful journey of self-discovery.

    The city of Lagos, Nigeria, is a key part of a larger conversation about West African cuisine and its influences throughout the world. My Everyday Lagos consists of 75 dishes that are all served in recipe developer and food stylist Yewande Komolafe's fast-paced, ever-changing home city of Lagos. These recipes reflect the regional cooking of the country and reveal two complementary qualities of Nigerian cuisine—its singularity and accessibility. Along the way, through informative essays that place ingredients in historical context, Yewande explains how in a country where dozens of ethnic groups interact, a cuisine has developed that transcends tribal boundaries.

    Yewande's personal narrative is woven throughout the book and cautions against being burdened by notions of authenticity. To those in the African diaspora, this book highlights food that may have been adapted and integrated into the cuisines of the places they live. The bukas of London, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Toronto, and Newark all have their unique vision of Nigeria and are reflected in their food. The recipes, including classics like Jollof RicePuff Puff, and Groundnut Stew, are a starting point for the home cook, allowing them to trust the ingredients and achieve the variety of textures and flavors Nigerian food is known for. Beautiful photographs of the city and its people invite readers into the energy and pulse of Lagos, while the food photography entices them to make each and every dish in the book.

    This stunning cookbook is Yewande Komolafe's in-depth exploration of a cuisine as well as the definitive book on Lagos cuisine that reveals the nuances of regions and peoples, diaspora and return—but also tells her own story of gathering the scattered pieces of herself through understanding her home country and food.

  • Caribbean Paleo : 75 Wholesome Dishes Celebrating Tropical Cuisine and Culture

    by Althea Brown

    Sold out

    Whole30 certified coach and Guyanese cook Althea Brown showcases the best of Caribbean cuisine with 75 mouthwatering recipes remixed to fit a Paleo lifestyle.

    Take a culinary trip to the Caribbean with Althea Brown’s lick-your-bowl-good dishes that are free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar. Althea highlights favorite dishes from her childhood in Guyana as well as recipes from Jamaica, Trinidad and more—all of which are full of bold flavors and fresh ingredients.

    What could beat mouthwatering Jerk Chicken Under a Brick, Oven-Braised Oxtail or Brown Stew Fish? Perhaps only Althea’s Nutty Farine Pilaf, Salt Fish Cakes or craveable Coconut Sweet Bread! Recipes such as Shrimp Chow Mein, Cassava Couscous Salad and Pepper Steak swap out noodles and rice for nutrient-dense—and delicious!—ingredients like squash, cassava and cauliflower rice, resulting in wholesome Paleo-friendly meals that pack a big punch of flavor.

    Whether you are reconnecting with family roots or looking to re-create your favorite dishes from a trip to the Caribbean, this collection is the only guide you’ll need to incorporate flavor-packed authentic dishes into your gluten-free, Paleo or Whole30 kitchen.

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