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  • The 33 1/3
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    Expressions: Structured, Balanced & Smooth
    Region: Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras
    Altitude: Various

    The Signature Long Pour “LP” is the staple of consistency just like that of the timeless recording format introduced in the late 1940s. The nostalgia in this roast will remind to slow down and not only enjoy the coffee but appreciate being present in the moment. This blend reminds us of the great recordings from the Prestige, Blue Note, Columbia labels featuring such artist as Hank Mobley, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, John Coltrane, and others who dared to create new sounds while remaining rooted in classical technique.

  • Tea Strainer
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    Say bye to those metal strainers and hello to a handmade ceramic vessel for loose leaf tea brewing. Fits all of the Sukoshi drinking vessels.

    Dimensions: 3”W x 2”H
    Care: Hand or Machine wash
    Natural stoneware ceramics, like wood or metal, varies in color and patinas with age. This makes each piece unique.
  • Chawan Matcha Bowl
    Our planters are always unglazed to ensure good air circulation for your soil, while also preventing excess water being trapped in your plants roots and overwatering.

    Medium: 6"W x 4½"H
    Included: Drainage hole only
    Care: Hand or Machine wash
    Natural stoneware ceramics, like wood or metal, varies in color and patinas with age. This makes each piece unique.
  • Colombia Love Supremo
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    Whole Bean

    Notes: Cherry, Chocolate, Nutty
    Region: Nariño
    Altitude: 1,600 - 2,200 masl
    Process: Washed
    Species: 100% Arabica


    A nod to both the peak grade of Colombian coffee (Supremo) and what is arguably the peak of John Coltrane's repertoire (A Love Supreme), "Love Supremo" is bright enough for breakfast and rich enough for dinner. Grown in Southwest Colombia, in the Nariño region along the Pacific coast, this medium roast has a creamy silkiness, bright acidity, and complex cocoa and cherry flavors with a sweet long finish. Like 'Trane's four-part masterpiece, this roast is resonant, profound and transcendent.

    Net Weight, 12 oz

  • Ethiopia Ethereal - Single Origin
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    Notes: Strawberry Pound Cake, Lemongrass, Sugar Cane

    Region: Uraga, Guji, Ethiopia
    Altitude: 2095-2122 masl
    Process: Washed

    Species: 100% Arabica

    Inspired by the sound of mid century artist Mulatu Astatke, comes Ethereal. Considered by many to be the father of Ethio-Jazz, he brought forth a unique blend of latin influences, traditional Ethiopian modal systems, and the popular notes of New York City. The album cover of his 1965 compilation The Story of Ethio Jazz (released in '09), is what motivated the art of Ethereal

    Origin Story

    Found deep within the green hills of Ethiopia, is the Uraga district. Its high elevation is home to the Odola TebeArowacho washing station, owned by Zelalem Alemu (established in 2016). Though tucked away inside dense forests and mountains, this land offers the perfect conditions for slower ripening times (resulting in flavorful and bright coffees). An interesting charm about the smallhold producers of Uraga (as well as in Ethiopia itself), is that most of them grow cherries right in their own backyards (and collect those naturally occurring in the surrounding areas). These “garden farmers” are part of generations, and their wealth of knowledge (and willingness to continue learning) is evident in their coffee.

  • Congo Square Coffee
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    Coffee Origin: South Kivu growing region, Democratic Republic of the Congo

    Famously known as the birthplace of Jazz, Congo Square was the place where slaves in New Orleans were free to gather--but only on Sunday afternoons--to play music, sing, and dance. The African and Caribbean cultural practices that thrived there planted the seeds for New Orleans' jazz, second-line, and Mardi Gras Indian traditions.

    This coffee comes from South Kivu in the majestic Great Lakes Region of the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is the origin that inspired the name for the New Orleans square. With bright and jubilant notes, fruity lemon and orange citrus flavors as well as deep chocolate aromas, it’s akin to how we imagine the vibrancy of the square was —with its Afro-Caribbean sounds of brass, the rhythms of the Bamboula, and the permeating (albeit fleeting) feeling of freedom and transcendence felt there.

    Blind Assessment: High-toned, resinously nutty, intensely sweet. Wild honey, plum, magnolia, mesquite, pistachio in aroma and cup. Sweet-tart structure with savory-leaning acidity; viscous, nectar-like mouthfeel. Gentle, sweetly rich finish with notes of wild honey, pistachio and mesquite into the long.

  • Brazil Bossa Nova
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    Notes: Dark chocolate, caramel, peanut butter, red fruit
    Region: Cerrado Mineiro
    Altitude: 800–1,300 masl
    Process: Natural

    Origin Story

    Bossa Nova translated literally means “new wave”, and this particular roast represents a post 3rd wave expression. The Cerrado Mineiro region is the first “Designation of Origin” in Brazil, located in the northwest of the Minas Gerais state in central part of the country. The coffees under this Designation of Origin are “Origin and Quality Guaranteed” by the Cerrado Minerio Region –D.O. Regulatory Board, and each bag carries a QR code connecting it to the specific farm and farmer who produced the coffee. This adds an additional layer of traceability which is often difficult in the massive coffee growing regions of Brazil.

    Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world, and production of coffee in Brazil is unique, in that Brazilian farms tend to have flatter elevations, less shade cover, and more manicured fields. They also use mechanical harvesters and produce far more coffee per hectare than other origins. Coffee in Cerrado Mineiro grows between 800-1300 meters above sea level and has very distinct rainy and dry seasons, creating the distinctive coffee of the region.

    This lot is from Mercon Specialty’s LIFT sustainability program. LIFT is working with a group of farmers in Araxa, who are extremely dedicated to high quality. LIFT is helping the group digitalize their farm management, and to continue to respect the highest environmental standards in terms of biodiversity preservation of the Atlantic Forest.

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