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  • Black Boy Joy - ABC Affirmation Flash Cards

    by Liberated Young

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    Flash cards to empower from A to Z. Affirmations are a powerful tool to spark self-love, confidence, and positivity. Our first in a series of learning products created for our children to see themselves within. Because representation IS an affirmation.
  • Black Girl Magic - ABC Affirmation Flash Cards

    by Liberated Young

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    Flash cards to empower from A to Z. Affirmations are a powerful tool to spark self-love, confidence, and positivity. Our first in a series of learning products created for our children to see themselves within. Because representation IS an affirmation.
  • Black Heroes A Happy Families Card Game by Laurence King Publishing

    Team up Usain Bolt with Simone Biles, match Mae Jemison with Katherine Johnson, join Jean-Michel Basquiat with Kara Walker.

    Collect illustrated cards of 44 of the most inspirational Black figures of all time and gather them into groups including space, sport, activism, art, science, and literature.

    Based on Go Fish, this game will inspire children and parents to celebrate Black heroes, both contemporary and historical

    CELEBRATE BLACK HISTORY and discover new Black heroes you didn't know about till now
    A FAMILY CARD GAME with simple gameplay that is quick and easy to learn
    BOLD AND COLORFUL ILLUSTRATIONS on every card make it easy to recognize your favourite heroes
    DISCOVER MORE IN THE BOOKLET, from when Simone Biles first discovered gymnastics to how Queen Nzinga fought off Portuguese invaders

  • Little Yogi Deck

    by Crystal McCreary

    Sometimes our emotions are too much to handle, and we need help understanding and processing what we are feeling. The Little Yogi Deck teaches kids how to recognize and navigate these big emotions by introducing yoga and mindfulness as tools they can use to feel calmer and more in control. The deck makes important topics like strengthening attention, increasing self-awareness, and soothing the nervous system fun and easy to understand through poses like “The Wet Noodle,” “Toe-ga,” and “Grasshopper Flow.” The 48 cards are organized into eight color-coded categories—anger, worry, excitement, sadness, joy, jealousy, shame, and peace—to give kids specific practices for the variety of emotions they might be experiencing. Along with a practice, each card also features a vibrant illustration to visually depict the pose or activity. To offer additional support to parents, teachers, and caregivers, the deck includes a booklet explaining the approach for developing emotional intelligence in children through the practices offered.
  • My Hair, My Crown Magnetic Play Set

    Mudpuppy, Tabitha Brown (Illustrated by)

    Mudpuppy's My Hair, My Crown Magnetic Play Set includes 2 illustrated background scenes and 3 sheets of mix and match magnets for little ones to create and style custom hairstyles on 4 different models. The sturdy tin package offers hours of imaginative play with easy cleanup and storage. Mudpuppy's Magnetic Tins are the perfect children's travel toy and quiet time activity.

    ● 3 sheets of mix & match magnets + 2 illustrated background scenes
    ● Hinged tin: 6.25 x 8.75 x 1", 16 x 22 x 2.5 cm
    ● Ages 4+
    ● Magnets adhere to tin package for compact, portable fun
    ● All Mudpuppy products adhere to CPSIA, ASTM, and CE Safety Regulations.
  • ABC Affirmations Trace and Color Workbook

    by Liberated Young

    Sold out
    Trace, color, and learn! Our ABC Affirmations Trace and Color Workbook is an empowering journey through the alphabet with 150+ pages of affirmations, handwriting practices, and coloring pages for our young learners. Filled with magic and joy, this workbook features a combination of our favorite ABC Affirmations and signature illustrations to help your little one build literacy skills, self-confidence, and self-love.
  • Black Boy, Black Boy

    by Ali Kamanda and Jorge Redmond


    This listing is for our upcoming school visit at the Imani School on October 13, 2022.

    Dear boy, Black boy, I believe in you so.

    Let's start your story—ready, set, go.

    From athlete and activist Colin Kaepernick to musician Sam Cooke, inventor Elijah McCoy to writer Chinua Achebe, there are so many inspirational men in Black history. Imagine what you can be and the great things you can do with the strength of people throughout history that have paved the way for Black boys.

    This inspiring, lyrical picture book combines an uplifting, motivational text with references to wonderful figures throughout history. The combination is both encouraging and educational, prompting boys to imagine what they can be and the great things they can do in their own lives.

  • Cheers to You Baby! Milestone Journal

    Celebrate Baby's Milestones One Glass At A Time!

    Either with wine or a favorite non-alcoholic libation/mocktail, babies are always a reason to celebrate. But baby's accomplishments shouldn't be the only ones to toast. How about a little love for the sleep-deprived, discombobulated parents?

    Cheers To You Baby! is a unique, collectible milestone journal that parents can use to remember when & what happened with their baby while commemorating & enjoying the accomplishments of parenthood.

    A first-of-its-kind baby milestone book & keepsake journal for the first year it reminds parents to take time for self-care. It's the ultimate gift for a gender reveal party, baby shower, “sip and see” get-together, expectant mom and/or dad, & friends or family with a new baby. Parenting is a journey full of memories. Why not raise a glass and say... Cheers To You Baby!

  • Aya & Pete 3-Puzzle Gift Set

    by Serena Minott & Asha Gore

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    New! Play along with Aya & Pete! This city-inspired kids' puzzle set features three (3) jigsaw puzzles, each with 36-pieces and beautiful illustrations from the Aya & Pete Book Series. Children will delight at putting together scenes from Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, Piccadilly Circus in London, and Brooklyn, New York! Includes a sturdy drawer box and a reusable Aya & Pete canvas storage tote. Also available at Nordstrom with free shipping. Ages 3+ Ships early December.
  • Dinosaur Valley Puzzle
    Sold out

    The Dinosaur Valley puzzle was created to inspire and affirm children using a creative format. This puzzle measures 9in x 12in, includes 15 pieces, and is constructed from sturdy cardboard similar to most puzzles sold in stores. Depending on a child’s fine motor skills, the puzzle can be ideal for toddlers or young children.

    Puzzle Huddle offers a wide variety of African American jigsaw puzzles for children. Puzzles provide a fun, challenging, and rewarding experience across a wide range of ages. Our puzzles celebrate diversity and culture. Each unique design will make a great gift or addition to your home.

  • The Get Movin' Activity Deck for Kids: 48 Creative Movement Ideas for Little Bodies

    by Jennifer D. Hutton

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    A one-of-a-kind children's movement and play deck, featuring 48 cards with practices for all ability levels, to celebrate the many ways our bodies can move, for kids ages 4–8.

    This deck invites kids of all levels of ability to use imagination to get their bodies moving. Why was exercise so much more fun as a kid? Because all you had to do was incorporate PLAY! Activities here encourage children to enact fun scenarios like jumping over lava, zooming like a racecar driver, and standing like a flamingo.

    The deck creates a new normal of movement diversity—acknowledging and celebrating different ways that bodies can move. Through fun images and simple directions, kids will try different movements and challenge themselves in different categories of movement: Breath like “Color-Breathing Dragon,” Stretch, Mobility and Stability like “Windmill Warm-Up," Balance and Coordination like “The Penguin Waddle,” Strength and Endurance like “Mighty Warrior Kicks,” and Wacky Fun Wild Cards like “Dancing Machine.”

    Modifications are offered for some activities to accommodate different abilities, alternate ways to practice, and ways to increase difficulty. Illustrations reflect differences to champion inclusion and exposure to children with a variety of differences like cultures, mobility, and physical presentations.

    The cards and accompanying intro booklet are packaged in a colorful box with a top closure.
  • Zandi's Song

    by Zandile Ndhlovu


    Zandi is a girl on a mission: to bring a message of conservation to the world.

    Zandi was always thinking and dreaming about the ocean. Then, one special day, the ocean calls for her. Zandi tentatively approaches the water—and that’s when her adventure begins! She soon finds herself transformed into a mermaid and on an unforgettable underwater journey, where she hears the song of the ocean.

    But there is something threatening this magical world. Is the key to protecting it buried in stories from the past? Join Zandi in her mission to protect our beloved oceans, in this inspiring story written by South Africa’s first Black female free diving instructor.

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