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  • Black Boy Joy - ABC Affirmation Flash Cards

    by Liberated Young

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    Flash cards to empower from A to Z. Affirmations are a powerful tool to spark self-love, confidence, and positivity. Our first in a series of learning products created for our children to see themselves within. Because representation IS an affirmation.
  • Black Girl Magic - ABC Affirmation Flash Cards

    by Liberated Young

    Flash cards to empower from A to Z. Affirmations are a powerful tool to spark self-love, confidence, and positivity. Our first in a series of learning products created for our children to see themselves within. Because representation IS an affirmation.
  • Little Yogi Deck

    by Crystal McCreary

    Sometimes our emotions are too much to handle, and we need help understanding and processing what we are feeling. The Little Yogi Deck teaches kids how to recognize and navigate these big emotions by introducing yoga and mindfulness as tools they can use to feel calmer and more in control. The deck makes important topics like strengthening attention, increasing self-awareness, and soothing the nervous system fun and easy to understand through poses like “The Wet Noodle,” “Toe-ga,” and “Grasshopper Flow.” The 48 cards are organized into eight color-coded categories—anger, worry, excitement, sadness, joy, jealousy, shame, and peace—to give kids specific practices for the variety of emotions they might be experiencing. Along with a practice, each card also features a vibrant illustration to visually depict the pose or activity. To offer additional support to parents, teachers, and caregivers, the deck includes a booklet explaining the approach for developing emotional intelligence in children through the practices offered.
  • Mindfulness Essentials Cards: 52 Inspiring Practices and Meditations

    by Thich Nhat Hanh


    "The monk who taught the world mindfulness." —TIME

    50+ prompts, exercises, and meditations for your mindfulness practice from the bestselling How To series, by the world-renowned Zen Buddhist teacher who introduced mindfulness to the Western world.

    Enjoy the wisdom and inspiration of the bestselling How To series (How to Love, How to Relax, How to Sit, How to Walk, and more) from Thich Nhat Hanh, with over 1 million combined sales in the US alone, in this engaging and easy-to-use card deck. These cards can be used daily for contemplation, or displayed around your home or office for inspiration. 

    • More than 50 cards, color coded by topic and featuring the sumi-ink artwork of Jason DeAntonis
    • Each card contains a reflection or practice, along with an illustration
    • Will bring a fresh spirit to your mindfulness practice
  • Rupi Kaur's Writing Prompts Self-Love

    by Rupi Kaur

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    Rupi Kaur’s Writing Prompts Self-Love card deck is a step in the road towards healing.

    Rupi Kaur leads you on a new journey through 70 curated writing prompts of self-discovery. Let this card deck become a part of your daily ritual to inspire creativity, appreciation, honesty and growth.

    Examples of the prompts include:
    • What makes you a good friend?
    • If you were to meet your teenage self today, what would you want to reassure them about?
    • How is the 2:00 p.m. version of you different from the 2:00 a.m. version of you?
    • What about you leaves you in awe?
    We hope it becomes a tool for you to continue to discover more about your inner and outer worlds. Use it as a reminder that you are more than capable of creating a loving home for yourself, because you have all you'll ever need within you.
  • PRE-ORDER: Kinfolk Meditation Deck

    Aya Paper Co.


    PRE-ORDER ONLY.  Will ship on April 9, 2024.

    Welcome to the Kinfolk Meditation Deck!

    Each card has an illustration and a prompt to help guide a daily meditation practice. This deck was designed to be used by children and their caregivers, but anyone can find purpose in these prompts. There are 52 cards, so you can choose a new card each week over the course of a year.

    This deck is split up into three key themes: the self, the family, and the world. The meditation prompts are meant to promote a positive self-image, highlight the importance of connections with others, and foster a meaningful relationship with the environment.

    Ways to Use the Deck:

    * Pick a card to guide a 5-minute morning meditation with your child or partner.
    * Have your small children pick cards with artwork they like best and describe what they see.
    * Leave them on your coffee table to move beyond “small talk.” 
    * Give the cards to your child’s other caregivers to initiate meaningful conversation.

  • PRE-ORDER: This Is Your Sign: Affirmation Cards

    PRE-ORDER: On Sale Date: August 27, 2024

    52 Affirmation Cards to Encourage Weekly Gratitude, Positivity, Mindfulness and Self-Love

    Are you ready to bring more gratitude, positivity, mindfulness and self-love into your life?

    From the authors of the bestselling The Greatest Self-Help Book and The Greatest Manifestation Journal - Sunday Times bestselling author of Good Vibes, Good Life, Healing is the New High and Closer to Love, Vex King and social media star, Kaushal – comes this empowering affirmation card deck.

    Affirmations are a powerful tool for shifting your mindset, helping you to reframe negative thoughts and limiting beliefs into positive and empowering ones. These 52 affirmations have been created to help you cultivate gratitude, self-love and mindfulness in your life.

    Set your intention by placing a new affirmation card on your stand each week and reading it aloud, taking it in its transformative energy. When you allow the power of affirmations to influence your thoughts, emotions, words and actions, your mind will unconsciously start to the focus on the positive. This will create new thought patterns that support your goals and desires, and ultimately help you to lead a more joyful life.

    With its minimalistic and luxurious design, complete with a wooden stand, this is the perfect mindful gift for a loved one.

  • Tender Reminders: 50 Healing Affirmation Cards for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color

    by Jacquelyn Ogorchukwu Iyamah


    This powerful deck of 50 cards offers validation, support, encouragement to anyone who has endured racial trauma--from the author of Racial Wellness. From racial wellness visionary Jacquelyn Ogorchukwu Iyamah, these fifty cards give Black, Indigenous, and People of Color the rare opportunity to experience revolutionary healing in the face of systemic racism. This powerful deck features tender reminders on one side and thoughtful questions on the other, offering compassion and validation while allowing you to reflect on your unique experiences and resist some of the ways that racism shows up in your life. Whether you’re displaying these affirmations in your home or adding the reflection questions to your journaling or meditation practice, Tender Reminders is a space for you to pour back into yourself and grant yourself the tenderness you deserve.

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