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  • Beach Hair

    by Ashley Woodfolk and Nina Mata


    From two bestselling creators comes a lyrical and heartfelt picture book about a multiracial family’s trip to the beach that’s an ode to family, community, diversity, and—most importantly—fabulous beach hair!

    When I wake up with the wildest bed head
    and Mommy and Daddy do too
    Mommy says we all have beach hair,
    so Daddy says, “Guess we should go to the beach.”

    At the beach, everyone has beach hair. There’s twisty and twirly hair, flossy and glossy hair, hair that’s barely there, and hair that’s everywhere.

    The best part about a beach day is the belonging and joy that everyone feels when they let their hair run as wild and free as the sea.

  • When I See You

    Brynne Barnes and Brianna McCarthy


    An imaginative picture book with enchanting verse and whimsical illustrations journeying through the “galaxy” in a pregnant mother’s belly as she prepares to welcome her child into the world.

    As an expectant mother anxiously awaits the birth of her child, she envisions the mystical place her baby inhabits, dreaming of a colorful world where they dance, explore, and play. Rejoice in the magic and wonder of welcoming a child into the world while reflecting upon the infinite nature of a mother’s love with this charming story.

  • PRE-ORDER: Afro Unicorn: The Land of Afronia, Vol. 1

    by April Showers, Anthony Conley, Ronaldo Barata, and Terrance Crawford


    PRE-ORDER.  SHIPS ON JULY 16, 2024.

    Afronia is known for being bright and colorful, but what happens when a disgraced unicorn wants to take the color away? Join unicorn best friends Divine and Unique as they journey to save Afronia in this all-new, action-packed graphic novel that celebrates Black joy and beauty. 

    Welcome to the mystical land of Afronia, where life is good and full of color. The Afro Unicorns can't wait to celebrate the annual Festival of Crowns. But on the way to the festival, Divine and Unique come across Castle Monotonic, which is home to the mysterious Madame Imperious who wants to drain all the color from Afronia. Madame Imperious has already started draining the color from a young Afrosaurus. It's up to Unique and Divine to save Afronia and the Afrosaurus. Otherwise, their magical land might be doomed . . . FOREVER!

    This full-color graphic novel is great for young readers beginning their graphic novel journey and graphic novel enthusiasts alike. It also features a Dyslexia-friendly font.

    When Afro Unicorn creator April Showers realized that her favorite emoji—the unicorn!—was only available in white, she was inspired to create a more inclusive brand for children of color to celebrate how magical, unique, and divine they truly are.

  • Patrick and the Not So Perfect Party

    Anne Wynter and Shirley Hottier


    All Patrick wants for his birthday is a flawless FOOD party.
    So why does Karter arrive dressed as a FOOT!?

    From Ezra Jack Keats Award-Winner, Anne Wynter, this hilarious tale follows perfectionist Patrick as he learns a valuable lesson in being patient, embracing chaos, and finding the joy in going with the flow.

    "Children will laugh over the hilarious ending; indeed, they'll giggle their way through this uproarious book-and perhaps realize that learning to be a bit flexible can be a lot of fun. A perfectly entertaining read." Kirkus Reviews

    Patrick likes everything to be just-so, which is why he likes to cook. The meals he makes are always "exquisite," "delicious," and "absolutely perfect." So when his birthday rolls around, Patrick knows exactly what he wants to do. However, Patrick's big brother, Russ, is not perfect. When Russ makes a mistake on Patrick's party invitation, Patrick thinks his birthday is ruined. But is it?

    Readers will delight in this warm celebration of self-expression, acceptance, and brotherly love written by Ezra Jack Keats Award-winning author, Anne Wynter.

  • El río es mi mar (The River Is My Ocean) (Spanish Edition)

    by Rio Cortez



    Acompaña a la abuela un sábado en la tarde a visitar a Yamaya al río Hudson.

    Todos los días, la abuela extraña el océano en Puerto Rico. Pero los sábados, cuando el sol está alto en el cielo, la abuela y su nieta recorren Harlem hacia la 12 Avenida camino a un lugar mágico: al río Hudson.

    Ahí, van a celebrar al río que trajo a millones de americanos a sus costas, y al espíritu de una religión antigua y de un amor familiar pasado de generación a generación.

    Esta historia es en un relato reconfortante inspirado por un río icónico, un amor expansivo intergeneracional, recuerdos y la curiosidad infantil que inspiran en sí.

  • Seven Samosas: Counting at the Market

    by Kabir Sehgal



    From bestselling mother-son duo Surishtha Sehgal and Kabir Sehgal comes an upbeat rhyming picture book counting backwards from twenty to one delicious Indian and South Asian treats.

    Off to the market for a tasty bite, Dada and Sona shop for tonight!

    From twenty ladoos to sixteen mangoes to ten butter naan to seven samosas, the market is full of endless scrumptious snacks to sample. Dada and Sona stock up on all the goodies in preparation for a special surprise. Readers familiar with the foods featured and those looking for new favorites will find their tummies rumbling!

  • The River Is My Ocean

    by Rio Cortez



    A grandmother and granddaughter share a magical trip to the Hudson River affirming intergenerational love and the power of water in this heart-song of a picture book.

    Every day, Abuela misses the ocean in Puerto Rico. But on Saturdays, when the sun is high, Abuela takes her granddaughter on a walk down the hill in Harlem to Twelfth Avenue, to a place that is just as magical: the Hudson River.

    There, they visit Yamaya, mermaids that invoke child-like wonder and hold onto the memory of all who have passed through their waters. Together, Abuela, her granddaughter, and the spirits of ancient religion and familial love celebrate the river that brought millions of new Americans to its shores through the generations.

  • ROBERTS ELEMENTARY ONLY: They Built Me for Freedom: The Story of Juneteenth and Houston's Emancipation Park

    A moving picture book about the history of Emancipation Park in Houston, Texas—and the origins of Juneteenth.

    When people visit me, they are free—to run, play, gather, and rejoice.

    They built me to remember.

    On June 19, 1865, the 250,000 enslaved people of Texas learned they were free, ending slavery in the United States. This day was soon to be memorialized with the dedication of a park in Houston. The park was called Emancipation Park, and the day it honored would come to be known as Juneteenth.  

    In the voice and memory of the park itself—its fields and pools, its protests and cookouts, and, most of all, its people—the 150-year story of Emancipation Park is brought to life. Through lyrical text and vibrant artwork, Tonya Duncan Ellis and Jenin Mohammed have crafted an ode to the struggle, triumph, courage, and joy of Black America—and the promise of a people to remember.

  • Pele, King of Soccer/Pele, El rey del futbol: Bilingual English-Spanish

    by Monica Brown and Rudy Gutierrez


    This acclaimed bilingual children’s book, Spanish/English, is a fun way to introduce simple words and phrases in both languages and is sure to be a welcome resource at home and in schools and libraries.

    Monica Brown and Rudy Gutierrez team up to deliver what Kirkus called, in a starred review, an “inspiring blend of art and story,” about the most famous soccer star in the world, Pelé.

    This bilingual picture book will inspire, teach, and amaze readers as they learn about the man who revolutionized the sport of soccer. 

    Do you know how a poor boy from Brazil who loved fútbol more than anything else became the biggest soccer star the world has ever known? This is the true story of Pelé, King of Soccer, the first man in the history of the sport to score a thousand goals and become a living legend.

    Rudy Gutierrez’s dynamic illustrations make award-winning author Monica Brown’s story of this remarkable sports hero come alive!

  • Zandi's Song

    by Zandile Ndhlovu


    Zandi is a girl on a mission: to bring a message of conservation to the world.

    Zandi was always thinking and dreaming about the ocean. Then, one special day, the ocean calls for her. Zandi tentatively approaches the water—and that’s when her adventure begins! She soon finds herself transformed into a mermaid and on an unforgettable underwater journey, where she hears the song of the ocean.

    But there is something threatening this magical world. Is the key to protecting it buried in stories from the past? Join Zandi in her mission to protect our beloved oceans, in this inspiring story written by South Africa’s first Black female free diving instructor.

  • ABC Black History and Me: An inspirational journey through Black history, from A to Z

    ABC Black History and Me presents 26 historical concepts, events, and people—from A to Z—that are important in Black American history.

    From A is for Advocate to Z is for Zest, each letter of the alphabet is paired with inspirational historical concepts in this 9x9-inch board book. Along with the upbeat, rhyming text covering both well-known and more obscure topics, are colorful illustrations that promote an excitement and curiosity about Black American history. Covering trailblazers from A to Z but also chronologically, this book features a visual timeline with additional information for more in-depth learning on the people, places, and events discussed.

    From Harriet Tubman and Fanny Jackson Coppin to Amanda Gorman and Ketanji Brown Jackson, ABC Black History and Me covers more than 170 years in a short board book appropriate for the little ones. This book is not only perfect for getting toddlers comfortable with their ABCs, but also for reflecting on how we are all affected by this history and how even the youngest of children will affect the future.

    With age-appropriate concepts and visuals, ABC Black History and Me is a perfect discussion starter for the whole family. Even adults will find something to learn in this board book!

    The ABC for Me series presents a world of possibilities from A to Z and everything in between! For all little kids with big dreams, the endearing illustrations and mindful concepts in this series pair each letter of the alphabet with words that promote big dreams, inclusion, acceptance, healthy living, and other key concepts important to emotional well-being. Other books in this series include:
    * ABC Love (2017)
    * ABC What Can She Be? (2018)
    * ABC Let’s Celebrate You & Me (2021)
    * ABC Bedtime (2022)

  • PRE-ORDER: Adela's Mariachi Band

    PRE-ORDER: On Sale Date: August 13, 2024

    Adela loves everything about her family's mariachi band--except that she isn't in it! Shining a spotlight on Mexican music, full of instruments and dancing, Adela’s Mariachi Band is sure to be a hit!

    Adela wants nothing more than to be a part of her family's mariachi band, but when she tries the different instruments, everything comes out wrong. La trompeta fizzles, la vihuela squeaks, and trying to dance makes Adela fall on her face. From watching her family, Adela knows that practice makes perfect, but can she find a way to be part of the band in the meantime?

    A new go-to read-aloud favorite that comes complete with funny instrument sounds, a rythmic text, and Spanish vocabulary. Strike up the band!

  • PRE-ORDER: Trick-or-Treating in the City

    PRE-ORDER: On Sale Date: August 13, 2024

    When a little girl can't follow her usual tradition, she turns to her New York City neighbors for help. This is a can't-miss celebration of generosity and community from bestselling author Tiffany D. Jackson.

    Janelle knows exactly what she wants to be for Halloween, but she has no idea how she'll celebrate—her mommy has to work and can't take her to trick-or-treat in the suburbs, and daddy has to run his store like always. But listening to her friends and neighbors' stories of Halloweens past and present, helps Janelle realize that there may be a way to celebrate the fall-iday that lets her give as much as she gets.

  • PRE-ORDER: I Gotta Sing!

    PRE-ORDER: On Sale Date: July 9, 2024

    Sing along with Big Baby Jenkins, Pop Charlie, Great Nana, and a crew of farm animals as they shout for joy to this rendition of an African American spiritual!

    From the author and illustrator team that brought you This Train Is Bound for Glory comes another riveting interpretation of a beloved African American spiritual, "I'm Goin' a Sing When the Spirit Says Sing," featuring farm animals. With illustrations that pop off the page, rhythmic text, and onomatopoeia for the youngest reader, I Gotta Sing! delivers a lively story that will quickly become a family favorite.

    Hezekiah Big Baby Jenkins runs from the breakfast table to the farmyard begging Pop Charlie to sing. As he plucks his diddley bow, Pop Charlie smiles and invites the animals and Big Baby to join in the music.

    I gotta sing when the Spirit says sing.
    I gotta sing when the Spirit says sing.
    I gotta sing when the Spirit says sing.
    and shout in the Spirit of joy!

    Before long, the rowdy crew are singing, mooing, oinking, and clapping along to the toe-tapping tune. But when Great Nana calls that it’s bath time because “warm water and bubbles won’t last all day,” will the party end? Or will Pop Charlie snap snap snap the tempo back to life?

    The lyrics of "I’m Goin’ a Sing When the Spirit Says Sing” have evolved across the ages. At the end of the book readers will find an invitation to write a version of the song for a new generation.

  • PRE-ORDER: How to Eat a Mango

    PRE-ORDER: On Sale Date: July 16, 2024

    Abuelita teaches Carmencita that you can’t rush mango-eating: it takes five steps to appreciate the gift and feel the love.

    Carmencita doesn’t want to help Abuelita pick mangoes; she doesn’t even like them! They’re messy, they get stuck in her teeth, and it’s a chore to throw out the rotten ones.

    But Abuelita adores mangoes, and patiently, she teaches Carmencita the right way to eat them. Together, they listen to the tree’s leaves, feel its branches and roots above and below, and smell and feel the sweet, smooth fruits. Each step is a meditation on everything Mamá Earth has given, and in the Earth’s love, Carmencita feels the love of her Mami, her Papi, her little brother Carlitos, and of course, Abuelita.

    When they finally bite in, the juice running down their arms, Carmencita understands. The mangoes are more than just mangoes… and she’s ready for another!

    Inspired by her own childhood in Venezuela, Paola Santos’s mango-sweet story is a grounding, life-affirming take on gratitude for nature’s gifts and connection with family and culture. Juliana Perdomo’s cheery artwork brings Carmencita, Abuelita, and their mango tree to life with all the warmth of golden fruit under the sun.

    Simultaneously released in Spanish as Cómo se come un mango.

  • Getting Ready for Kindergarten

    by Vera Ahiyya


    Get Ready for Kindergarten in this exciting new series for kids embarking on new adventures! Vera Ahiyya, the Tutu Teacher, knows everything your family needs to get ready... and to celebrate every precious moment!

    GET READY... for an exciting new series focusing on BIG moments in the lives of kids!

    It’s almost the first day of school and everyone is busy getting ready. A young girl and her parent pack a healthy lunch, fill her backpack with supplies, pick out a colorful outfit, and take a special photo . . . but is that everything she will need for her big first day?

    Get your little one ready with this joyful story about what to expect on their very first day of Kindergarten!

    This edition includes an adorable punch-out sign for first day photo opps!

  • Nana's New Soul Food: Discovering Vegan Soul Food

    by Will Power, Illustrated by R. Gregory Christie


    Theater pioneer Will Power inspires families to connect through healthy eating choices, vegan soul food, and community in this heartwarming story of a boy's love for his grandmother--and good food! Includes a vegan recipe!

    Can healthy food be delicious food, too? A young boy helps us discover that yes, it can! Nana's New Soul Food follows this energetic boy on an adventure with his mom to find healthy food in his neighborhood. Motivated by his love for his nana, who has to change the way she eats because of her health, the boy rediscovers his neighborhood while finding tasty vegan soul food.

    Award-winning playwright, pioneer of hip-hop theater, and performer Will Power injects masterful rhythm into this uplifting story of family and community, which teaches us that healthy food can be a joy. The pages are graced with beautiful, vibrant illustrations from Coretta Scott King Award Honor and Caldecott Honor illustrator R. Gregory Christie, who captures the loving relationships within a family as they connect through their mission to make better eating choices. Back matter includes a fun recipe for Mango-Coconut-Lime Ice Pops courtesy of Chef Bryant Terry, along with a letter from Will Power.

  • A Kids Book About Juneteenth

    by Garrison Hayes


    Our history echoes with events which, over time, have become hidden, yet are important to all of us. Juneteenth is a celebration which recognizes the end of the enslavement of Black people in America. This book opens a door to understanding our history and celebrating our future―together.

    Meet A Kids Co., a new kind of media company with a collection of beautifully designed books that kickstart challenging, empowering, and important conversations for kids and their grownups. Learn more about us at akidsco.com.

  • Ruby René Had So Much to Say

    A debut picture book about a curious student who finds herself in trouble for talking in class—even though she just wants to share all that she’s learned.

    “Did you know that flamingos don’t have teeth?” Questions, facts, and dreams—Ruby René could talk for hours. Once she got going, it was hard for her to stop. It didn’t matter if it was history, science, or the lunch menu—Ruby René had so much to say! But when her teacher called home because she found her sharing distracting, Ruby vowed to keep quiet. Until . . . she finds the perfect outlet for her gift of gab.

    With charming text by debut author/educator Ashley Iman and colorful illustrations by Gladys Jose, Ruby René Had So Much to Say is a celebration of owning your voice, honing your skills, and turning challenges into opportunities.

  • A Child's Introduction to African American History: The Experiences, People, and Events That Shaped Our Country

    A comprehensive, entertaining look at heroes, heroines, and critical moments from African American history -- from the slave trade to the Black Lives Matter movement -- by award-winning author Jabari Asim.

    Jabari Asim goes beyond what's taught in the classroom to reveal a fact-filled history of African American history through politics, activism, sports, entertainment, music, and much more. You'll follow the road to freedom beginning with the slave trade and the middle passage through the abolitionist movement and the Civil War where many African Americans fought as soldiers. You'll learn how slave songs often contained hidden messages and how a 15-year-old Jamaican-born young man named Clive Campbell helped to create hip-hop in the early 1970's.

    You'll experience the passionate speeches, marches, and movements of the Civil Rights era along with and the sacrifices of Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Medgar Evers, and many others. Along the way there are dozens of profiles of political trailblazers like Shirley Chisholm, the first black women elected to Congress in 1968; dominants athletes like Tiger Woods who, in 1995, was only the second African American to play in a Master's Golf Tournament which he went on to win in 1997; popular musicians like Miles Davis, one the most influential artists of the twentieth century; and inspiring writers like Toni Morrison, the first African American to win the Nobel Prize in literature.

    Filled with beautiful illustrations by Lynn Gaines that bring these figures and events to life, plus a removable historical timeline poster, A Child's Introduction to African American History is a fascinating and comprehensive guide to this often overlooked yet immensely important part of American history.

  • PRE-ORDER: Keyana Loves School

    PRE-ORDER: On Sale Date: July 9, 2024

    Keyana is heading back to school in this exciting picture book written by bestselling author Natasha Anastasia Tarpley (I Love My Hair!) and illustrated by Charnelle Pinkney Barlow!

    Keyana has come up with the perfect idea for a class project, and getting it done is pretty fun! All she has to do is pick the people and places she loves around her school. But when the teacher asks Keyana to present the project in front of everyone, she’ll have to find a little bit of confidence and a big way to share.

    Praise for the KEYANA series: 

    Tarpley's pleasant, relatable text and Barlow's vivid soft-pastel illustrations combine here to create a heartwarming story...This book is a beauty to behold.―Booklist

    A celebration of big ideas, teamwork, and family...A loving depiction of a warm, affectionate Black family. 

    In a delightful story about Black child joy and family, Tarpley gives us an adorable and dynamic main character in Keyana, who has presence and confidence aplenty... A recommended purchase for collections needing a little more Black joy on the shelves.―School Library Journal

  • Soul Step

    by Jewell Parker Rhodes and Kelly McWilliams, Illustrated by Briana Mukodiri Uchendu


    Follow one girl's journey to discover the joy and history of step dancing– an ode to sisterhood and a strong mother-daughter bond, perfect for fans of Bunheads.

    What does sisterhood sound like? STOMP, CLAP! How does pride move? FLIP, FLAP! How do we uphold tradition? GO HARD, SNAP BACK! SOUL STEP!

    Written by the mother-daughter duo Jewell Parker Rhodes and Kelly McWilliams, and gorgeously illustrated by Briana Mukodiri Uchendu, Soul Step is a loving ode to sisterhood and the tradition of stepping that lets women and girls, and people of all backgrounds, step loud and be proud.

  • Saturday Magic: A Hoodoo Story

    An ode to the family, friendship, and the beautiful tradition of Hoodoo practice, this book celebrates the magic and symbolism to be found in every day, written by bestselling author Nyasha Williams.

    Dayo practices Hoodoo with her family. One Saturday, she wakes from an interesting dream about a yellow bird. What could it mean? She knows that it’s up to her to figure it out. Over the course of the day, as Dayo and her family move through their daily rituals (mantras and affirmations included), the message sent from her Ancestors through her dream reveals itself. This celebration of spirituality (and heritage) highlights the rich history of Hoodoo and the beauty we can find in everyday magic.

  • Here Are the Seeds

    This delightfully rhythmic story follows two children as they grow a garden from seeds.

    Author and poet JaNay Brown-Wood’s cumulative tale, similar to “The House That Jack Built,” starts promisingly: “Here are the seeds that we will sow to help our garden grow.” But as time passes, the children quickly learn that things rarely go as planned in the garden. Plants will droop without enough sun and wilt without enough water. Suddenly, “OH NO!” becomes the children’s repeated refrain. Eventually, the pair come to see that nature itself provides everything a magnificent garden needs to flourish!

    This engaging read-aloud doubles as a child-friendly lesson on what plants need in order to grow. Olivia Amoah’s vivid artwork brings the story to life, particularly on the spreads featuring the refrain (“OH NO!”), where readers can look at the illustrations to try to figure out what went wrong in the garden. The story covers the key elements of what makes a healthy garden, such as soil, sun, bugs, water, mushrooms and worms - and shows how balance is necessary for plants to survive. The back matter includes brief explanations of each of these key elements. This picture book offers excellent life science curriculum connections to the needs of living things, growth and changes in plants and plant life cycles.

  • Not My Cat

    Stacey Patton

    from $0.00

    Based on the author’s real experience, this charming and hilarious picture book follows a solitary homeowner who insists she’s much too busy to adopt a stray cat…until the cat adopts her.

    Staceypants lives in a beautiful yellow house in Charm City where she stays busy fixing things, planting pretty flowers, and keeping her home clean. One day, she finds a scruffy gray cat perched on her fence. But Staceypants definitely does not want a cat. Cats scratch furniture, jump on everything, and they need a litter box!

    No, this is not Staceypants’s cat. Not when the cat comes back again and again. Not when Staceypants buys the cat a fancy cat bed. Not even when she and the cat sunbathe and do porch yoga together. But what will she do when the cat that’s not her cat disappears?

  • I See Color

    by Valerie Bolling, Kailei Pew, and Laylie Frazier


    For fans of The Undefeated by Kwame Alexander and Little Leaders by Vashti Harrison, I See Color is a picture book that affirms people of color—of all shades—by celebrating their achievements and contributions to society. 

    Highlighting people such as Madonna Thunder Hawk, Basemah Atweh, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., incredible leaders are honored, seen, and heard on every page.

    Part ode to an array of beautiful skin tones and part introduction to change-makers in history, this book is a perfect conversation starter for readers everywhere.

  • PRE-ORDER: What Love Looks Like

    by Laura Obuobi, illustrated Anna Cunha


    PRE-ORDER: On Sale Date: June 18, 2024

    From Laura Obuobi, author of Black Gold and NAACP Image Award nominee, and illustrator Anna Cunha comes a whimsical bedtime story about the love between a Black father and his daughter. This tender tale with lush natural imagery and pure Black joy captures love’s vastness, showing us its greatest form is often the one between parent and child.

    One question must be answered before Afia can slip into a peaceful sleep: What does love look like? With the companionship of her loving papa, Afia journeys to find love and learns that it is the warmth of the sun’s hugs, the brook’s soothing song, and other mesmerizing gifts of nature. But Afia’s quest also teaches her that she may not have to go too far to see the emotion at the heart of the world’s wonders.

  • Abuela's Library

    Alfonso and Abuela love to spend Saturday afternoons finding books at the library and reading them together beneath their favorite oak tree. But when their beloved tree is cut down, can Alfonso transform the stump into something magical for their whole community—their very own neighborhood library?

    This uplifting story from award-winning poet Lissette Norman and illustrator Jayri Gómez shows us how to turn an unexpected setback into a happy ending: one with a beautiful sky-blue door and shelves filled with books for everyone to enjoy.

  • They Built Me for Freedom: The Story of Juneteenth and Houston's Emancipation Park

    A moving picture book about the history of Emancipation Park in Houston, Texas—and the origins of Juneteenth.

    When people visit me, they are free—to run, play, gather, and rejoice.

    They built me to remember.

    On June 19, 1865, the 250,000 enslaved people of Texas learned they were free, ending slavery in the United States. This day was soon to be memorialized with the dedication of a park in Houston. The park was called Emancipation Park, and the day it honored would come to be known as Juneteenth.  

    In the voice and memory of the park itself—its fields and pools, its protests and cookouts, and, most of all, its people—the 150-year story of Emancipation Park is brought to life. Through lyrical text and vibrant artwork, Tonya Duncan Ellis and Jenin Mohammed have crafted an ode to the struggle, triumph, courage, and joy of Black America—and the promise of a people to remember.

  • I Am More Than

    You can be more than one thing—you can be anything!

    A follow-up to the #1 New York Times bestselling and critically acclaimed picture book I Promise, this second slam-dunk picture book from NBA champion and cultural icon LeBron James motivates readers to remember they can accomplish their goals when they believe in themselves. Written in fun rhyming verse and illustrated by award-winning and bestselling artist Niña Mata, this book will help little dreamers dream BIG.

    Perfect for shared reading in and out of the classroom, I Am More Than is also a great gift for graduation, birthdays, and other occasions.

  • Juneteenth Is

    Natasha Tripplett

    Sold out

    An intimate look at Juneteenth, this story is a warm exploration of a family and a community. 

    Juneteenth is the smell of brisket filling the air. Juneteenth is the sounds of music, dancing, and cheering ringing from the parade outside. It is love. It is prayer. It is friends and relatives coming together to commemorate freedom, hope for tomorrow, and one another.

    This book is an ode to the history of the Black community in the United States, a tribute to Black joy, and a portrait of familial love. With poignant text and vivid illustrations, Juneteenth Is offers a window and a mirror for readers, resonating with kids who will see themselves reflected in its pages and those who hope to understand experiences beyond their own.

    CELEBRATES BLACK JOY: At its root, this is a story of family and community. Vibrant illustrations capture the warmth and unity of Black families and Black communities in a portrait of beautiful joy.

    REMEMBERING A LEGACY: Both a story of celebration and a commemoration of freedom, this book honors a past of struggle, resilience, and triumph. It recognizes Juneteenth not just as a holiday but as a cultural legacy. An author’s note also explains the significance of the color red to Juneteenth—its use as a symbol of African American endurance and the ways Black communities weave the color into modern-day celebrations through food and clothing.

    BLACK HISTORY IS AMERICAN HISTORY: Juneteenth marks an undeniable truth of American history and remains a cultural touchstone for many Black Americans, making it important for all Americans to understand. Much-needed in this time of growing representation and discussion about equity and social justice, this book is a strong resource for parents and educators seeking to introduce Black history and encourage respectful conversations.

    Perfect for:
    * Anyone looking for diverse picture books
    * Teachers and librarians
    * Gift-giving for Juneteenth celebrations, Black History Month, or classroom bookshelf

  • Lost Words: An Armenian Story of Survival and Hope

    Based on a true family story, this inspiring picture book about the Armenian Genocide shares an often-overlooked history and honors the resilience of the Armenian people.

    What is it like to walk away from your home? To leave behind everything and everyone you’ve ever known? Poetic, sensitive, and based on a true family history, Lost Words follows a young Armenian boy from the day he sets out to find refuge to the day he finally finds the courage to share his story.

    “It is difficult to find the words to describe the type of loss a Genocide can cause to a young child. I’ve been looking for something similar for my own son. This picture book is a good start to help explain loss and raise the many questions necessary to start the conversation.”—Serj Tankian, activist, artist, and lead vocalist for System of a Down

    INTERGENERATIONAL CONNECTION: This story is a reassuring testament to the bond between parent and child, and the love people pass down to future generations through shared stories.

    ENCOURAGES COMPASSION: In the midst of the current international refugee crisis, stories of refugees and immigrants are an evocative reminder of the importance of showing kindness and empathy to strangers from all walks of life.

    UNIVERSAL STORY: While this story specifically centers Armenians, it also speaks to a shared experience of many people across the globe. Reckoning with loss after a traumatic event is a common experience that many people can relate to, but the poignancy of this story delivers a powerful message of hope, courage, and remembrance.

    UNDERREPRESENTED NARRATIVE: There are thought to be well over one million Armenians in the U.S., yet there are no known picture books about the Armenian Genocide. This moving portrait of family is a recognition of strength and resilience in the face of oppression, and a loving ode to a thriving community that refused to be silenced.

    Perfect for:
    * The Armenian and Armenian American community
    * Anyone interested in learning about Armenian history and culture
    * Readers seeking engaging stories of migration and refugee experience
    * Parents and grandparents
    * Teachers and librarians

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