• Wednesday and Woof #3: The Runaway Robot

Wednesday and Woof #3: The Runaway Robot

A double mystery means double the pressure for Wednesday and Woof when a robot and a hamster go missing right before the school science fair in this full-color, fully-illustrated HarperChapters series.

Every HarperChapters early chapter book sets newly independent readers up for success with short chapters, art on every page, and interactive features that celebrate progress and effort!

Detective Tip #3: Use your imagination and stay calm

When a classmate’s DIY robot goes missing right before the school science fair, Detective Wednesday Nadir and her service dog, Woof, are sure they can find it…until the class hamster also disappears! Now the pressure is on! Can Wednesday and Woof use the scientific method to solve two cases at once—or will the stress cause a mess?

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