• Wednesday and Woof #2: New Pup on The Block

Wednesday and Woof #2: New Pup on The Block

Did Wednesday’s friend really take her twin brother’s missing drone? Wednesday and her service dog, Woof, are on the case in the second book of this full-color, fully illustrated HarperChapters series.

Every book in the HarperChapters line of early chapter books sets newly independent readers up for success with short chapters, art on every page, and interactive features that celebrate progress and effort!

Detective Tip #2: Don’t forget to use your eyes, ears, and even your nose!

Wednesday’s brother’s drone went missing in their own backyard. And that can mean only one thing—the thief is one of their friends! Can the neighborhood’s newest service dog help Wednesday and Woof sniff out the bandit? Or will the case of the missing drone be a doggone disaster? 

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