• The Unfolding: An Invitation to Come Home to Yourself

The Unfolding: An Invitation to Come Home to Yourself

A wise and beautifully designed collection of poetry, essays, and meditations meant to guide the reader into reflecting on the periods of unfolding in their own lives.

In order to let something in,

you have to let some things go

In order to heal, you must hurt,

In order to grow, you will experience discomfort

and all of this is to make more room for hope

less room for perfectionism and more room for simply being.

Less room for answers,

more room for questions with integrity

for mystery and wonder that leads you somewhere new

not right or wrong, good or bad

This is the Unfolding

The Unfolding is a gateway to change that gives you permission to breathe, change, and grow. Arielle Estoria shares the story of her own transformation in poems that were birthed from seasons of hurt and discomfort—from single to engaged, from Baptist pastor’s kid to student and explorer of the wonder and unanswered aspects of faith, from broken to restored—as she became the person she was meant to be.

The process of unfolding happens over and over again, helping you to grow, to expand, to peel away the layers of who you’ve been, mesh them with who you will be, and step into the fullness and wholeness of who you are.

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