• Paper Bag

Paper Bag

Monty Okafor is a young hot-shot lawyer who runs into his old high school girlfriend, Summer Tonti. While at dinner, catching up on old times, Monty reminds Summer that the reason they broke up was because her mother forbade her from dating anyone whose skin color was darker than a brown paper bag. Much to Monty's chagrin, it's 15 years later and Summer admits that her mom still doesn't want her to date anyone who is darker than a brown paper bag.

So, imagine how awkward things get when Summer's twin brother, Langston, is accused of murder and needs the best Defense Attorney in the city...Monty Okafor. Despite his dislike for Summer's "color-struck" family members, Monty agrees to represent Langston. He finds a hole in the DA's case, and is confident he can get Langston acquitted, but a disturbing secret about Summer's creole family comes to light and changes Monty's attitude.

Will Monty honor his oath as an attorney, and do all he can to free Langston? Or, will he entertain thoughts of getting revenge on Summer's family by providing Langston with the WORST defense that money can buy?
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