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PRE-ORDER: Motherland Herbal: The Story of African Holistic Health

PRE-ORDER: On Sale Date: June 11, 2024

In this powerful and comprehensive guide in the spirit of Jambalaya and Sacred Woman, an herbalist celebrates ancient and modern African holistic healing.

“The message of this book is: hold onto your yams, your collards, watermelon, and roots. There is magic, mystery, connection, and healing stored within them.”—Stephanie Rose Bird

Stephanie Rose Bird grew up surrounded by forests, listening to the stories of her ancestors and learning African healing ways. From an early age, she dedicated herself to herbalism and living a spiritually fulfilled life in harmony with nature. Now, the wisdom she as accrued is gathered in this impressive encyclopedic work of African Healing and herbal medicine.

Stephanie teaches you how to garden and harvest in unison with the seasons, and how to use herbalism and magic—derived from ancestral and spiritual helpers—to heal. A treasure trove of knowledge, Motherland Herbal showcases an array of recipes and rituals that nourish every facet of life:

* Seasonal recipes to support overall well-being
* Tinctures for common ailments such as headaches, flu, or heartburn
* Remedies for improving mental health, lessening symptoms of anxiety, stress, or depression
* Natural body and home care products, from facials to cleaning solutions
* Herbal Baths for relaxation, sexual wellness, and good luck
* Rituals and Altars for universal experiences, such as learning to letting go after loss and improving creativity and fertility
* Love Potions, Sleep Potions, Protective Amulets, and more

Written in Stephanie’s warm and authoritative voice, Motherland Herbal seamlessly blends activism and ancestral folklore with the realms of spirituality, gardening, and holistic wellness. Her deep reverence for the wisdom of her ancestors infuses every page of this guide, which is a foundational resource that will shape the landscape of African healing and folk medicine for generations to come.

Motherland Herbal includes 54 original pieces of art, including maps and artwork created by the author.

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