• Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: One Girl Can Make a Difference

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: One Girl Can Make a Difference

Perfect for fans of the Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur series, this novelization helps readers understand how Moon Girl manages her life: junior high school student by day; crime-fighting Super Hero by night--not to mention the guardian of a 10-ton red dinosaur who lives in her secret lab.

This paperback novelization follows the 13-year-old Marvel Super Hero around her Lower East Side of Manhattan neighborhood, where her family owns and runs a roller-skating rink. As Moon Girl explores the cause of so many unexplained neighborhood power blackouts lately, readers will  learn how Moon Girl came to be, meet her sidekick, a giant red T-Rex, and follow them on their first adventure fighting against the evil villain who is bringing darkness to her beloved community.

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