• IRL LAUNCH PARTY: Blaque Pearle with Tarris Marie - October 7 @ 7PM

IRL LAUNCH PARTY: Blaque Pearle with Tarris Marie - October 7 @ 7PM

We're celebrating author, Tarris Marie and her debut book, Blaque Pearle! 


When: Saturday, October 7 at 7PM

Where: Kindred Stories Reading Garden (2034 Stuart Street, HTX, 77004)

How: Be sure to RSVP ONLY to attend or RSVP with Book to support the Tarris and our bookstore! We're encouraging everyone to bring their own style to an all Black attire. We're also encouraging Black masquerade masks and pearls. When you finish the book, you'll know why!


Tarris Marie’s debut novel intertwines crime, romance, and the ‘90s era. A refreshing new voice for urban romance lovers and women’s crime thriller connoisseurs.

Before her Hollywood dreams were shattered, Pearle Monalise Brown was the tenacious aspiring actress from Compton's unforgiving, scarred streets. Never broken, Pearle switches gears to a fallback plan—resorting to her beauty and acting skills to swindle money and expensive jewels. When she's hired by the Colombian cartel to steal a priceless Basquiat from the debonair kingpin and art collector, Blaque, her talents might not be enough to keep her from falling into a trap she never saw coming. 

Blaque is sagacious and handsome—not to mention the legacy of two powerful organized crime families: the Laurent’s—known dons hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, and the Savage’s—a sophisticated syndicate with criminal enterprises across the U.S. As Blaque and Pearle become passionately entangled, Pearle falls prey to a darker underworld. Time is ticking. Lives are at stake. Will these love outlaws be able to outsmart their enemies, or will they wage an all-out war, leaving the bodies to fall wherever they may?

“Both inspirational and a delight to watch, Tarris Marie is proof that limits and barriers exist only in our minds.” —N’TYSE, national bestselling author and film producer of Trap Soldiers


Tarris Marie is proudly a Midwestern girl of the '90s, born and raised in Gary, IN. After 15 years in corporate America, Tarris lost her central vision and eventually her six-figure career in a battle with Stargardt's—a genetic eye disease that caused her legal blindness. In addition to being a novelist, Tarris is a screenwriter and actress who uses slivers of her life experienced pie to create vivid characters and roller coaster journeys to inspire and entertain others.

Tarris received a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and business administration from Indiana University, where she also became a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. She currently resides with her two children and husband in the great city of spaceships (Houston, TX.). Blaque Pearle is the author's debut novel. Connect with Tarris Marie online by following @authortarrismarie
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