• Jayylen's Christmas Wish

Jayylen's Christmas Wish

This inspiring Little Golden Book tells the story of one young boy's wish to have his whole family together for Christmas.

Jayylen is extra excited for Christmas this year. His brother Manuel, who is serving in the Army, will be home for the first time in three years! But when Momma gets the call that Manuel won't be able to make it because he's needed on base in Alaska, Jayylen doesn't know what to do. Can he figure out a way for the whole family to be together?

Series Overview: Little Golden Books/Ebony Jr partnership: We have four
books planned for 2023. Biographies of Beyonce and Harry Belafonte will
publish in January, Jayylen's Juneteenth Surprise in May, and Jayylen's
Christmas Wish will publish in September. All four books will be created by
Ebony Jr., from the point of view of Black authors and illustrators.
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