• IRL Author Talk: How to Grow with Marcus Bridgewater - May 25 at 7 PM CST

IRL Author Talk: How to Grow with Marcus Bridgewater - May 25 at 7 PM CST

Please join us as we celebrate author, Marcus Bridgewater on his debut, How to Grow!

Event Deets: 

When: Wednesday, May 25, 2022 at 7 PM CST

Where: Kindred Stories Reading Garden--2304 Stuart Street, Houston, TX 77004

How:   Limited in-person tickets are available. You have the option to grab a ticket for free or purchase the book and ticket (Only books purchased at the event will be eligible to be signed by the author!)

We hope you can join us!

About the Book: 

In this transformative guide, TikTok’s most popular gardener, Marcus Bridgewater—aka Garden Marcus—offers lessons for growth rooted in lessons from the plant world to help cultivate the soul.

Centered on a trinity of wellbeing—Mental Health, Physical Fitness, and Spiritual Awareness, How to Grow weaves together insights from the garden with stories from Marcus’s life to help you foster personal development. With lessons rooted in his experiences gardening—from how a replanted flourishing sweet potato vine is a reminder that all living things benefit from a change of scene, to how to embrace patience to foster growth—this inspiring guide helps you do “the dirty work” (pun intended) to discover kindness, patience, and positivity within. “We cannot make anything grow,” he advises. “But we can foster an environment where it may grow.”

How to Grow isn’t a gardening book. It is a self-help book that draws inspiration from the garden. Original, timely, and filled with nurturing wisdom, it takes perennial knowledge from plants to teach us about ourselves and opens our eyes to what we are capable of achieving.

About the Author

Marcus Bridgewater is a creator, educator, motivational speaker, and plant enthusiast. He is the personality behind Garden Marcus on social media, which demonstrates that a positive, knowledgeable approach to nurturing plants also helps us grow as people. He is the Founder & CEO of Choice Forward, a company that offers life coaching, seminars, and workshops.

About the Moderator

Brittany, creator of Foliage Faerie, operates a small batch, pop-up plant apothecary and nursery. Foliage Faerie was birthed during the pandemic on May 7, 2020 while having her first mother's day pop-up on her front porch when she was a resident in The Young Mother's Residential Program at Project Row Houses.  Plants were just a hobby until realizing that the life cycles of plants, nurturing plants, growing plants, was a reflection of the birthing cycle, physical and metaphysical. It was important to share the similarities within these life cycles as she is a birth worker (doula) as well. Indoor gardening had become a self care/ spiritual practice of hers and she has created a workshop, "Indoor Gardening as a Spiritual Practice" that assists with plant enthusiasts/parents connecting to self and nature though the nurturing of indoor plants. You can find Foliage Faerie on Instagram @foliagefaerie and her website www.foliagefaerie.cm

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