• HEALING PRACTICES presented by The Black Man Project-May 29 @9AM- 1PM CST

HEALING PRACTICES presented by The Black Man Project-May 29 @9AM- 1PM CST

The Black Man Project in partnership with Kindred Stories invites you to move toward wholeness and healing. 


WHEN: May 29, 2022 @ 9 AM

WHERE: Kindred Stories Reading Garden (2304 Stuart Street, HTX 77004)

HOW: Limited spaces are available. Be sure to reserve you spot today!


As Mental Health Awareness Month comes to an end, we invite you to slow down and tap into yourselves. While we strongly believe in seeking outside help in order to step into your wholeness, we are also advocates of self-care. We have invited Black wellness practitioners to come and share their healing practices with us. Our hope is that you find something to add to your wellness routine. 

Tentative Schedule 

9:00 AM Breakfast & Mingling
First come, first served
9:30  AM Journal Workshop with Raven
Please bring notebooks or journals
10:30 AM  Yoga Session with Rashad
Be sure to bring your own mat or beach towel
11:30 AM  Soundscape with Josh
12:30 Closure with Brian 
*You are welcome to come and go as you see fit*


The Black Man Project explores the origins of how misconceptions such as one dimensional expression and emotional inaccessibility have come to be. We specifically explore the complexity of African American masculinity for young boys and simultaneously create safe spaces for black young men to engage in dialogue that grants space that nurtures healing, wholeness, leadership, accountability, and brotherhood. 

To learn more visit: www.theblackmanproject.com 


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