• PRE-ORDER: Grant Me Vision: A Journey of Family, Faith, and Forgiveness

PRE-ORDER: Grant Me Vision: A Journey of Family, Faith, and Forgiveness

PRE-ORDER: On Sale Date: July 9, 2024

Foreword by DeAndre Hopkins

In this extraordinary memoir—a story of hardship, loss, redemption, faith, and ultimately reclaiming your power—Sabrina Greenlee, the mother of NFL star DeAndre Hopkins, shares her experience growing up Black and poor in South Carolina, how she survived domestic violence and coped with the loss of her sight, and how she continued to remain strong even in the face of despair.

Sabrina Greenlee has known darkness. Born in South Carolina to Black teenaged parents, Sabrina grew up in a family that lacked the means—financial and emotional—to offer her and her two brothers the safety, comfort, and love every child deserves. Growing up Black and poor in the South, she endured years of sexual and domestic violence and suffered tragedy after tragedy, including the death of her younger brother during a drunk driving accident, and surviving another car accident that claimed the life of her one true love. Coupled with the pain of her childhood, she faced crushing heartbreak, including an abusive relationship that endured for years and later, the loss of her sight in a brutal public attack.

But the trauma that Sabrina experienced and eventually overcame is what makes her life truly remarkable. After years of tremendous setbacks, Sabrina was able to built herself back up again and achieved the kind of life she always dreamed. She became the loving and dependable mother she wished she’d had, raising four children—including star athletes—who attended college and are successful in their chosen fields. She also found the courage to break the silence that enshrouded her life, ending the generational trauma that had damaged her family for generations.

Grant Me Vision is her riveting story—a memoir of faith and resilience in the face of life’s most difficult challenges. At its heart, it is a story of claiming your power by making peace with your past and finding the faith to have strength even when the future seems hopeless.

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