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Academic Branding: A Step-by-Step Guide to Increased Visibility, Authority, and Income

Become a thought leader in your postgraduate field—and make money while doing so, with this step-by-step guide from an academic who has been there. Academic Branding gives academics and scholars the tools and strategies they need to position themselves outside of academia so they can reach the masses and make an impact—without the expense of a publicist. With the practices in this book, readers will build a powerful brand, become a public intellectual, and grow their audience with guidance from Sheena C. Howard, PhD. She’s been where you are now, and she’s ready to help you grow beyond what you imagine. With Dr. Howard’s unique and thorough approach to success in the age of social media, you’ll learn how to: * Reframe the way you think about self-promotion * Identify your brand archetype and create a brand statement * Reach an audience beyond academia * Build multiple revenue streams * Get your ideas (and content) to spread * Create a movement around your expertise * Land major media spots and speaking engagements In a world where anyone who is savvy online can turn themselves into a subject matter expert, it’s important that we lift up and amplify the voices of actual subject matter experts. This guide will teach you how to reach the audience that needs your expertise most, building a brand and achieving financial freedom along the way.

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