Kindred Stories was born of a love for reading and a passion for community.

Reading is an act of self care passed on to me by my mother; and I am thankful to pass this ritual on to my children, Elle and Ethan. My daughter, Elle, is especially enamored with books that feature characters and storylines highlighting the experiences of young people of color from all over the world.

Kindred Stories is here to give kids and adults alike a space to explore the wide open world of literary content and creative works fashioned by black and brown hands. We are a bookstore committed to amplifying Black voices and bringing diverse stories from throughout the African diaspora to our local community in Houston, TX. We will be located in the Third Ward neighborhood, where we'll provide a well curated offering to edify the swelling appetites for authentic stories as told by those who have lived them.

We are beyond thrilled to serve Houston and the world at large through our website offerings. Stay tuned for what’s in store with the opening of our physical space later this year.  Thank you for being a part of our tribe!

With love,



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