• The Carnival Prince by Daniel O'Brien

The Carnival Prince by Daniel O'Brien

It's Carnival season in Trinidad and Tobago! Come join the stubby antlered boy as he explores and frolics and befriends animals and mythical creatures alike. Young readers will be taken on a magical adventure to save Carnival season for everyone!

Caribbean culture is rarely represented in children's literature, and that's why The Carnival Prince is such a delight for children in and of that part of the world.

But the benefits of multi-cultural learning extend to all children.

The Carnival Prince delivers on that learning with a story of adventure told through vibrant and detailed illustrations. Children will relate to the awkward and curious main character in this page-turning tale full of fantastical characters.

The book also includes authentic island dialect for a unique language learning experience. A glossary at the end adds even more value for the reader and offers a way for parents, teachers, and caregivers to engage with children further on the topic of Caribbean culture.

A Caribbean story told by a Caribbean-born author/illustrator is as authentic as it comes.

Daniel J. O'Brien is a Trinidadian-born author and illustrator currently residing in New York with his partner and his loyal dog, Obbie. He holds a BFA in Illustration from The School of Visual Arts. Daniel continually fuels his passion for illustration with that and his love of everything folklore, nature, and science. He uses his honed ability to bring forth exuberant and whimsical illustrations full of life and vibrant color. Daniel has written and illustrated two children's books. Daniel's books are held especially near and dear to his heart as representations of his Caribbean heritage.

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