• Defining Moments in Black History: Reading Between the Lies

Defining Moments in Black History: Reading Between the Lies

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The hardcover of Defining Moments in Black History, won the award for Literary Work of Nonfiction for the 49th NAACP Image Awards. Now, in this updated and expanded edition, Gregory charts the empowering yet often obscured past of the African American experience.

In his unapologetically candid voice, he moves from African ancestry and surviving the Middle Passage to modern-day protests, while adding new stories to further explain sections of history, from his unique point of view. A captivating journey through time, this collection of provocative essays explores historical movements such as the Great Migration and the Harlem Renaissance, as well as cultural touchstones, among them Marian Anderson’s performance on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and Billie Holiday’s haunting delivery of “Strange Fruit.”

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