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  • PRE-ORDER: What You Leave Behind: A Novel

    by Wanda M. Morris


    PRE-ORDER: On Sale Date: June 18, 2024

    Award-winning author Wanda Morris returns with a powerful, haunting thriller following a lawyer who after the mysterious disappearance of a local landowner and the death of his sister just months before, uncovers a conspiracy that dates back to Reconstruction and persists in half the United States today.

    Deena Wood’s life has fallen apart in the aftermath of losing her beloved mother, her marriage, and her prestigious job at an Atlanta law firm. She needs what the Geechee people of coastal Georgia call a “dayclean,” a fresh start.

    She returns to her childhood home in Brunswick, Georgia, to heal. But her return is anything but the respite she thought it might be. To make peace with all her loss, she often drives through the city. One day, she unwittingly finds herself on the oceanfront property of a loner widower who is fighting to keep land that has been in his family since the end of the Civil War. He threatens her and warns her to never return. But shortly after, he disappears, and his very expensive property is quickly put up for sale. Curious about what has happened to the man, Deena digs into his disappearance and finds a family legacy at risk. What starts out as a bit of curious snooping, turns into a deadly game of illegal land grabs and property redevelopment in poor and rural communities with dark and powerful forces at work.

    Without realizing it, Deena finds herself caught up in a nightmarish scheme that threatens her community and her family. She’ll need help and finds it in a close but unlikely source because she knows she must do whatever it takes to stop the sinister forces at play before she becomes their next target.

  • PRE-ORDER: Legends of Hip-Hop: Biggie Smalls: An Opposites Biography

    by Pen Ken, illustrated Saxton Moore


    PRE-ORDER: On Sale Date: June 18, 2024

    Mic check! Learn your opposites with Biggie Smalls in the Legends of Hip-Hop board book series.

    In this accessible series perfectly crafted for babies (and adult fans), music producer Pen Ken and 3x Emmy Award–nominated animation director Saxton Moore introduce mini emcees to some of hip-hop’s biggest and brightest luminaries with fun facts about each rapper, organized by a teachable concept.

    In this book, children will meet Biggie and learn all about opposites!

    Check out other books in the series, including Legends of Hip-Hop: 2Pac and Legends of Hip-Hop: Queen Latifah.

  • PRE-ORDER: What Love Looks Like

    by Laura Obuobi, illustrated Anna Cunha


    PRE-ORDER: On Sale Date: June 18, 2024

    From Laura Obuobi, author of Black Gold and NAACP Image Award nominee, and illustrator Anna Cunha comes a whimsical bedtime story about the love between a Black father and his daughter. This tender tale with lush natural imagery and pure Black joy captures love’s vastness, showing us its greatest form is often the one between parent and child.

    One question must be answered before Afia can slip into a peaceful sleep: What does love look like? With the companionship of her loving papa, Afia journeys to find love and learns that it is the warmth of the sun’s hugs, the brook’s soothing song, and other mesmerizing gifts of nature. But Afia’s quest also teaches her that she may not have to go too far to see the emotion at the heart of the world’s wonders.

  • PRE-ORDER: Makeda Makes a Home for Subway (I Can Read Level 2)

    by Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovichm, illustrated Lydia Mba


    PRE-ORDER: On Sale Date: June 18, 2024

    The second title in a delightful new Level 2 I Can Read! series from acclaimed author Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich and illustrator Lydia Mba, starring Makeda, an exuberant seven-year-old "maker" and problem solver who loves to create.

    Perfect for readers who love Rosie Revere, Engineer and Reina Ramos Works It Out.

    Makeda is excited to bring Subway, the class guinea pig, home for the weekend. But Subway seems S-A-D—so Makeda and her friend Glory decide to make him an F-U-N new cage to cheer him up. But what if what is fun for Makeda is not fun for Subway? 

    This Level 2 I Can Read! book features an engaging story, longer sentences, and language play perfect for developing readers.

  • Motherland Herbal: The Story of African Holistic Health

    In this powerful and comprehensive guide in the spirit of Jambalaya and Sacred Woman, an herbalist celebrates ancient and modern African holistic healing.

    “The message of this book is: hold onto your yams, your collards, watermelon, and roots. There is magic, mystery, connection, and healing stored within them.”—Stephanie Rose Bird

    Stephanie Rose Bird grew up surrounded by forests, listening to the stories of her ancestors and learning African healing ways. From an early age, she dedicated herself to herbalism and living a spiritually fulfilled life in harmony with nature. Now, the wisdom she as accrued is gathered in this impressive encyclopedic work of African Healing and herbal medicine.

    Stephanie teaches you how to garden and harvest in unison with the seasons, and how to use herbalism and magic—derived from ancestral and spiritual helpers—to heal. A treasure trove of knowledge, Motherland Herbal showcases an array of recipes and rituals that nourish every facet of life:

    * Seasonal recipes to support overall well-being
    * Tinctures for common ailments such as headaches, flu, or heartburn
    * Remedies for improving mental health, lessening symptoms of anxiety, stress, or depression
    * Natural body and home care products, from facials to cleaning solutions
    * Herbal Baths for relaxation, sexual wellness, and good luck
    * Rituals and Altars for universal experiences, such as learning to letting go after loss and improving creativity and fertility
    * Love Potions, Sleep Potions, Protective Amulets, and more

    Written in Stephanie’s warm and authoritative voice, Motherland Herbal seamlessly blends activism and ancestral folklore with the realms of spirituality, gardening, and holistic wellness. Her deep reverence for the wisdom of her ancestors infuses every page of this guide, which is a foundational resource that will shape the landscape of African healing and folk medicine for generations to come.

    Motherland Herbal includes 54 original pieces of art, including maps and artwork created by the author.

  • Abuela's Library

    Alfonso and Abuela love to spend Saturday afternoons finding books at the library and reading them together beneath their favorite oak tree. But when their beloved tree is cut down, can Alfonso transform the stump into something magical for their whole community—their very own neighborhood library?

    This uplifting story from award-winning poet Lissette Norman and illustrator Jayri Gómez shows us how to turn an unexpected setback into a happy ending: one with a beautiful sky-blue door and shelves filled with books for everyone to enjoy.

  • Allow Me to Introduce Myself: A Novel

    by Onyi Nwabineli


    Her life. Her rules. Finally.

    Anuri Chinasa has had enough. And really, who can blame her? She was the unwilling star of her stepmother’s social media empire before “momfluencers” were even a thing. For years, Ophelia documented every birthday, every skinned knee, every milestone and meltdown for millions of strangers to fawn over and pick apart.

    Now, at twenty-five, Anuri is desperate to put her way-too-public past behind her and start living on her own terms. But it’s not going so great. She can barely walk down the street without someone recognizing her, and the fraught relationship with her father has fallen apart. Then there’s her PhD application (still unfinished) and her drinking problem (still going strong). When every detail of her childhood was so intensely scrutinized, how can she tell what she really wants?

    Still, Ophelia is never far away and has made it clear she won’t go down without a fight. With Noelle, Anuri’s five-year-old half sister now being forced down the same path, Anuri discovers she has a new mission in life…

    To take back control of the family narrative.

    Through biting wit and heartfelt introspection, this darkly humorous story dives deep into the deceptive allure of a picture-perfect existence, the overexposure of children in social media and the excitement of self-discovery.

  • Summer on Highland Beach: A Novel

    by Sunny Hostin


    The View cohost and three-time Emmy Award winner Sunny Hostin transports readers to Highland Beach in the captivating third novel of her New York Times bestselling Summer Beach series.

    In this awakening, spirited novel, Sunny Hostin celebrates family, friendship, and community and reminds us of the importance of the legacies of our collective past and finding one’s way in the world.

    Founded in the late 1800s by the son of Frederick Douglass, Highland Beach along the Chesapeake Bay is the oldest Black resort community in America. Inside this proud and secluded beach community of about 100 private homes is Olivia Jones’s legacy.

    But Oliva’s legacy comes with thorns—intertwined are secrets of her aunt’s death; a controlling grandmother who is determined to crush anyone or anything that will interfere with her son’s political career; and a father who wants to rebuild the family he rejected decades ago.

    In the midst of tense family drama, Olivia must decide if she wants to return to the beautiful life she’s created in Sag Harbor—with the neighbors and wonderful man who’ve become central to her happiness—or finally achieve her dream of having a family and home to call her own in Highland Beach.

  • Waiting for Friday Night

    by Synithia Williams


    "A pitch-perfect small-town romance focused on forgiveness, second chances, and new beginnings." —Publishers Weekly on The Secret to a Southern Wedding

    Friday nights in Peachtree Cove are all about football. But this season, the drama isn’t just on the field…

    In the wake of losing both of her parents, Halle Parker was certain of one thing: she wanted a family of her own. And she wasn’t going to let a little thing like being single stand in her way. So, she used an anonymous donor and kept every last detail a secret—from everyone. But now, fourteen years later, Halle’s daughter, Shania, is determined to unravel the identity of her biological dad. And what she learns blindsides everyone…

    When Quinton Evans’s pro-football days came to an end, he was eager to begin coaching and teaching, and he’s never looked back. But when Shania, a wide receiver on his team, reveals that she’s his daughter, he’s blown away. The one thing he refuses to do is walk away, even if Shania’s strong-willed and gorgeous mother wants nothing to do with him.

    Halle knows that once you let the cat out of the bag in a small town like Peachtree Cove, you’re gonna have to do some damage control. But with Quinton suddenly popping up everywhere she turns, it’s all Halle can do to fight for the future she envisioned and the family she created. If only fate—and the undeniable heat sparking between her and Quinton—didn’t have other plans…

    Peachtree Cove

    Book 1: The Secret to a Southern Wedding
    Book 2: Waiting for Friday Night

    (Peachtree Cove, 2)

  • Tales from Cabin 23: The Boo Hag Flex

    Few campers at Camp Apple Hill Farm have found the mysterious cabin rumored to be hidden deep in the woods—but those who have whisper of a mysterious woman who tells tales of horrors beyond imagination. Are you brave enough to visit Cabin 23?

    The last thing Tasha Washington wants is to move from her home in Savannah to a trailer park in Middle-of-Nowhere, Georgia. But when her mother dies and Tasha is taken in by her father—a man she’s never met, who abandoned her mom when Tasha was just a baby—she doesn’t have much of a choice. At least, she thinks, she won’t have to spend much time with him—something that becomes clear when he dumps Tasha with her grandmother and disappears to be with his new girlfriend.

    The Shady Pines trailer park seems like a miserable place to spend a summer, even before an elderly neighbor suddenly passes away. But then Tasha meets a girl named Ellie who says she knows what really killed old Mr. Harold: a terrifying creature that stalks the trailer park at night, sucking the life from its victims. Tasha doesn’t believe it, but when she discovers a book of hoodoo legends in her grandmother’s trailer, and more people around Shady Pines start to appear unwell, she begins to fear the stories are true—and that danger is much closer than she thinks.

    And don't miss the second book in the Tales from Cabin 23 series: Night of the Living Head!

    (Tales From Cabin 23, 1)

  • They Built Me for Freedom: The Story of Juneteenth and Houston's Emancipation Park

    A moving picture book about the history of Emancipation Park in Houston, Texas—and the origins of Juneteenth.

    When people visit me, they are free—to run, play, gather, and rejoice.

    They built me to remember.

    On June 19, 1865, the 250,000 enslaved people of Texas learned they were free, ending slavery in the United States. This day was soon to be memorialized with the dedication of a park in Houston. The park was called Emancipation Park, and the day it honored would come to be known as Juneteenth.  

    In the voice and memory of the park itself—its fields and pools, its protests and cookouts, and, most of all, its people—the 150-year story of Emancipation Park is brought to life. Through lyrical text and vibrant artwork, Tonya Duncan Ellis and Jenin Mohammed have crafted an ode to the struggle, triumph, courage, and joy of Black America—and the promise of a people to remember.

  • I Am More Than

    You can be more than one thing—you can be anything!

    A follow-up to the #1 New York Times bestselling and critically acclaimed picture book I Promise, this second slam-dunk picture book from NBA champion and cultural icon LeBron James motivates readers to remember they can accomplish their goals when they believe in themselves. Written in fun rhyming verse and illustrated by award-winning and bestselling artist Niña Mata, this book will help little dreamers dream BIG.

    Perfect for shared reading in and out of the classroom, I Am More Than is also a great gift for graduation, birthdays, and other occasions.

  • Watch Where They Hide: A Jordan Manning Novel

    From Emmy Award winner Tamron Hall comes an edge-of-your-seat thriller featuring journalist Jordan Manning as she delves into the case of a mother in danger and uncovers a dangerous web of secrets that could lead right to the missing woman—or put Jordan in the crosshairs of her abductors.

    “With Jordan Manning, Tamron Hall has given us a smart, empathetic heroine to cheer on for years to come.” — Alafair Burke, New York Times bestselling author

    After dropping her child off at preschool, Marla Hancock, a stay-at-home mother, disappears. She had recently left her verbally abusive husband in rural Indiana and moved in with her sister, Shelly, who simply can’t believe that her sister would ever willingly vanish without her children. But with limited support from the town’s police department or media resources, Shelly fears that Marla’s disappearance won’t get the attention it deserves, or worse, will go unsolved. So, several weeks after filing a missing person’s report, she reaches out to TV journalist Jordan Manning for help.

    After her investigative and reporting skills helped solve multiple murders, Jordan Manning’s career in the newsroom is on the rise. She has gained a reputation as more than your typical news reporter: a “fixer” with a vigilante edge, dogged and undeterred to seek the truth. But even with this new status, Jordan still feels pressure to prove herself as a young Black professional. When Shelly reaches out, she feels compelled to do all she can to find Marla.

    Jordan’s search twists and turns in ways she could never have imagined, illuminating scandals and secrets that place her own life in grave danger.

    (Jordan Manning series, 2)

  • PRE-ORDER: The Vibrant Hong Kong Table: 88 Iconic Vegan Recipes from Dim Sum to Late-Night Snacks

    PRE-ORDER: On Sale Date: September 10, 2024

    A visual and sumptuous ode to Hong Kong that reimagines 88 classic and iconic dishes as colorful and beautiful plant-based meals.

    A common Chinese greeting is 食咗飯未呀? “Have you eaten (rice) yet?” which is how Christine Wong’s paternal grandmother would welcome her home during her childhood in Hong Kong. Food was the language of love, with birthdays and special events always celebrated with family meals, from nine-course banquet-style restaurant feasts to simple home-cooked dinners. After leaving Hong Kong and adopting a vegan lifestyle for health and sustainability reasons, Christine yearned to recreate the flavors and textures of her family’s food at home without animal by-products.
    The Vibrant Hong Kong Table celebrates many of Hong Kong’s most iconic dishes with a vegan twist. Organized by a day of eating through the city and paying homage to its culinary heritage, these fresh, bright, vegetable-based recipes include:
    * Breakfast and Dim Sum 點心: Sampan Congee, Lotus Leaf Rice, “Egg” Tarts
    * Cha Chaan Teng 茶餐廳 and Lunchbox Favorites: Baked Tempeh Chop Rice, Black-Pink Pepper Cabbage Steak, Jackfruit Brisket Noodles
    * Family-Style Dinners, from Festival Foods to Dai Pai Dongs 大牌檔: “Fish Fragrant” Eggplant, Sweet & Sour Cauliflower, Snow Skin Mooncakes
    * Siu Yeh 宵夜 (Late-Night Snacks) and Sweets: Curry “Fishballs,” Three Treasures, Hong Kong Sweet Buns

    "Hong Kong Highlights," included throughout, showcase cultural customs such as balancing yin and yang and sharing food family-style. And Mama Wong’s tips for using ingredients like lotus root, taro, and salted oranges, offer an immersive experience of Hong Kong’s culinary and societal traditions. With beautiful imagery, intimate storytelling, and easy-to-follow instructions, The Vibrant Hong Kong Table is a treasury of fresh and inspiring vegan meals straight from the heart of this magnificent city to your home.

    UNIQUE VEGAN COOKBOOK: Born out of hardship, hard work, and diverse cultural influences, Hong Kong’s food culture is an integral part of its history. Author Christine Wong taps into her culinary heritage to offer a window into this incredible city through vibrant memories and colorful, flavorful, plant-based spins on classic dishes like Crystal Dumplings, Salt & Pepper "Squid," Laughing Sesame Cookies, and of course, Hong Kong Milk Tea. 

    GOOD FOR THE PLANET AND YOU: These easy and hard-working vegan recipes offer a way to move toward a sustainable plant-based diet without sacrificing flavor. Based on time-tested Hong Kong cooking techniques and flavors, these recipes are designed to be easy to follow and sharable, offering nourishing meals for weeknight dinners and work-from-home lunches.

    A TOUR OF HONG KONG: Filled with beautiful and evocative photography, The Vibrant Hong Kong Table captures all the intoxicating sights, sounds, and smells that Hong Kong is famous for.

    Perfect for:
    * Chinese cookbook fans looking for East Asian or Hong Kong–specific recipes 
    * Home cooks seeking delicious plant-based and vegan recipes
    * People interested in ways to eat more sustainably 
    * Travel-inspired gift for birthday, anniversary, holiday, housewarming, and more

  • PRE-ORDER: Black, Queer, and Untold: A New Archive of Designers, Artists, and Trailblazers

    PRE-ORDER: On Sale Date: September 10, 2024

    Growing up in Seale, Alabama as a Black Queer kid, then attending the Rhode Island School of Design as an undergraduate, Jon Key hungered to see himself in the fields of Art and Design. But in lectures, critiques, and in the books he read, he struggled to see and learn about people who intersected with his identity or who GOT him. So he started asking himself questions:

    What did it mean to be a graphic designer with his point of view? What did it mean to be a Black graphic designer? A Queer graphic designer? Someone from the South? Could his identity be communicated through a poster or a book? How could identity be archived in a design canon that has consistently erased contributions by designers who were not white, straight, and male?

    In Black, Queer, & Untold, acclaimed designer and artist Jon Key answers these questions and manifests the book he and so many others wish they had when they were coming up. He pays tribute to the incredible designers, artists, and people who came before and provides them an enduring, reverential stage – and in so doing, gifts us a book that takes its place among the creative arts canon. 


  • Everything You Wanted to Know About Indians But Were Afraid to Ask: Young Readers Edition
    Sold out

    From the acclaimed Ojibwe author and professor Anton Treuer comes an essential book of questions and answers for Native and non-Native young readers alike.

    Ranging from “Why is there such a fuss about nonnative people wearing Indian costumes for Halloween?” to “Why is it called a ‘traditional Indian fry bread taco’?“ to “What’s it like for natives who don’t look native?” to “Why are Indians so often imagined rather than understood?”, and beyond, Everything You Wanted to Know About Indians But Were Afraid to Ask (Young Readers Edition) does exactly what its title says for young readers, in a style consistently thoughtful, personal, and engaging.
    Updated and expanded to include:
    * Dozens of New Questions and New Sections—including a social activism section that explores the Dakota Access Pipeline, racism, identity, politics, and more!
    * Over 50 new Photos
    * Adapted text for broad appeal
    P R A I S E

    “A wide-ranging compendium of provocative questions and satisfying answers. Perfect for browsing or a deep dive.”—San Francisco Chronicle
    ★ “Wise, well-researched, and not to be missed. This collection of short essays about Native Americans is comprehensive, equitable, and generous.”—Kirkus (starred)
    ★  “Reading this book is like enjoying a talk with a close relative who wants you to learn, grow, and continue to ask questions. This book is an important resource about contemporary North American Indigenous peoples. Recommend for all libraries.”—School Library Journal (starred)
    “A personal, reflective, yet thoroughly grounded take on the present as well as the past, and it’s a great starting place for young readers beginning to ask these exact questions.” —The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books
    “A comprehensive and stimulating read.”—Shelf-Awareness
    “An excellent resource that should be in every middle and high school.”—School Library Connection
    “This would be a good resource for readers to begin learning about Native American histories, lives, and cultures.”—Horn Book
    “Treuer imbues his research and cultural commentary with both humanity and style. An astonishing depth of knowledge and insight complements his conversational writing voice. Treuer’s latest release should be on every American bookshelf – and in every American history classroom.” —Cowboys and Indians
    “This is a thoughtful, useful book. If every middle school kid in the country knew its contents, the upcoming generation of Indians and non-Indians could live side-by-side with far more ease.”—The Circle News

  • Juneteenth Is

    Natasha Tripplett

    Sold out

    An intimate look at Juneteenth, this story is a warm exploration of a family and a community. 

    Juneteenth is the smell of brisket filling the air. Juneteenth is the sounds of music, dancing, and cheering ringing from the parade outside. It is love. It is prayer. It is friends and relatives coming together to commemorate freedom, hope for tomorrow, and one another.

    This book is an ode to the history of the Black community in the United States, a tribute to Black joy, and a portrait of familial love. With poignant text and vivid illustrations, Juneteenth Is offers a window and a mirror for readers, resonating with kids who will see themselves reflected in its pages and those who hope to understand experiences beyond their own.

    CELEBRATES BLACK JOY: At its root, this is a story of family and community. Vibrant illustrations capture the warmth and unity of Black families and Black communities in a portrait of beautiful joy.

    REMEMBERING A LEGACY: Both a story of celebration and a commemoration of freedom, this book honors a past of struggle, resilience, and triumph. It recognizes Juneteenth not just as a holiday but as a cultural legacy. An author’s note also explains the significance of the color red to Juneteenth—its use as a symbol of African American endurance and the ways Black communities weave the color into modern-day celebrations through food and clothing.

    BLACK HISTORY IS AMERICAN HISTORY: Juneteenth marks an undeniable truth of American history and remains a cultural touchstone for many Black Americans, making it important for all Americans to understand. Much-needed in this time of growing representation and discussion about equity and social justice, this book is a strong resource for parents and educators seeking to introduce Black history and encourage respectful conversations.

    Perfect for:
    * Anyone looking for diverse picture books
    * Teachers and librarians
    * Gift-giving for Juneteenth celebrations, Black History Month, or classroom bookshelf

  • I'll Bring Dessert: Simple, Sweet Recipes for Every Occasion

    I'll Bring Dessert showcases 70 sweet recipes to cater for any occasion.

    Being the designated 'dessert person' is often met with panic, but Benji is here to show you that not only is it fun, but it's simple to create desserts with wow-factor all year round no matter the day, season or occasion. From recipes made in one dish or desserts that are easy to transport, to the perfect pud to feed a table of four all the way to simple recipes to please a crowd, this is the only dessert book you will ever need.

    Chapters cover Something Fruity, Something Chocolatey, Something Creamy, Something Nutty and Something on the Side and each includes a mix of hot and cold desserts, vegan and gluten free recipes (or simple swaps), and recipes that can be made in advance or on the day with tips on how to transport or finish assembling later. From Cherry Slab Pie and Smoked Salt and Halva Cookies to a Gingerbread Mascarpone Roulade and Hot Honey Peach Shortcakes, there are recipes for when you want to really push the boat out and others that suit a more relaxed gathering.

    With this gorgeous book, no matter what the occasion, you'll find yourself saying: 'I'll bring dessert'.

  • Camo

    Camo, by photographer Thandiwe Muriu, is the first publication to chronicle the work of this international artist, celebrating the vibrant portraits she creates that combine cultural textiles and beauty ideologies. Muriu takes us on a colorful, reflective journey through her world as a woman living in modern Kenya as she reinterprets contemporary African portraiture. 

    As the sole woman operating in the male-dominated advertising photography industry in Kenya, Thandiwe Muriu has repeatedly confronted questions around the role of women in society, the place of tradition, and her own self-perception. These experiences inspired her personal project of cultural reflection: the Camo series. Camo was the catalyst for her to push new boundaries in her photography, leading her into a deeply personal artistic journey.

    The compelling, fully saturated photographs in this collection confront issues surrounding identity while seeking to redefine female empowerment through Muriu’s choice of materials. These constructed images are not digital manipulations but physical sets that incorporate African Ankara wax textiles as backdrops and custom-tailored clothing and headdresses. At the forefront of her practice is using textiles to make her subjects disappear and serve as a canvas for reflection on the question of identity and its evolution over time. Muriu also consistently reimagines common objects associated with the daily lives of Kenyans into bold accessories donned by her subjects. These objects range from hairpins to the mosquito-repellent coils she grew up using. In Kenya, an object can have multiple uses beyond its original purpose; as Muriu explains, “When you have little, you transform and reuse it.”

    Throughout the book, each image is paired with an inspirational African proverb in both English and Swahili, expressing the collected wisdom of generations that continue to inspire. Proverbs such as "With a little seed of imagination, you can grow a field of hope" convey the uplifting spirit of Muriu's work that empowers women, preserves tradition, and celebrates African beauty and culture. 

    A visually stunning art book and cultural touchstone, Camo is a collectible treasure as the first book to showcase the work of a rising star in the worlds of photography and art.

  • Shine On, Luz Véliz!

    A beautiful coming-of-age story for fans of Front Desk and Merci Suárez Changes Gears, this award-winning book celebrates identity, language, heritage, family, and the determination to follow one's own inner light. Now in paperback!

    Have you ever been the best at something . . . only to lose it all?

    Luz Véliz is a soccer star—or rather, she was a soccer star. With her serious knee injury, it's unlikely she'll be back on the field anytime soon. But without soccer, who is she? Even her dad treats her differently now—like he doesn't know her or, worse, like he doesn't even like her. When Luz discovers she has a knack for coding, it feels like a lifeline to a better self. If she can just ace the May Showcase, she'll not only skip a level in her coding courses and impress Ms. Freeman and intriguing, brilliant Trevor—she'll have her parents cheering her on from the sidelines, just the way she likes it.

    But something—someone—is about to enter the Vélizes' lives. And when Solana arrives, nothing will be the same ever again.

    Unforgettable characters, family drama, and dauntless determination illuminate Luz's journey as she summons her inner strength and learns to accept others and embrace the enduring connection of family. Through it all, Luz's light is a constant—a guide for others, a path forward through the dark, and an ineffable celebration of her own eternal self.

    FAST-PACED FAMILY DRAMA: Fast-paced, deeply felt, and with all the high highs and low lows of adolescence, this story is downright fun—a page-turner even while it's dealing with serious issues.

    WHO AM I?: This book grapples with a topic so many young people deal with daily: one's relationship to heritage and culture. Luz confronts her ties to her home country, the place of her father's birth, and her family itself in a thoughtful, emotional journey filled with humor, urgency, and grace.

    CODING IS COOL!: Coding is a language many kids enjoy learning and are encouraged to master. The way this book frames coding and computer programming as an opportunity for communication, bonding, and building fun, practical skills will speak loudly to kids already interested in the field while also resonating with those who aren't.

    AN ALL-AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: This is an important book for its thought-provoking, empathetic look at immigration in the United States and how the threat of deportation informs the experiences of some of our country's most vulnerable communities. With lyrical prose, deeply felt characters, and a relatable story, Shine On, Luz Véliz! adds substantively to our fraught discussion about immigration and opens it to young readers.

    AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR: Rebecca Balcárcel won the Pura Belpré Author Honor, which recognizes literature for children or youth that best portrays the Latino cultural experience, for her first book, The Other Half of Happy. Shine On, Luz Véliz! was a finalist for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Golden Kite Award, a 2023 Rise Booklist Honoree, winner for Best Middle Grade Book from the Texas Institute of Letters, and more. Balcárcel is a beloved presence in the children's literature community and is making her mark as a writer to watch.

    Perfect for:
    * Kids who love reading about complex relationships
    * Kids who love coding
    * Parents, teachers, and librarians seeking engaging middle school novels and STEM books for kids
    * Fans of The Other Half of Happy
    * Fans of Pam Muňoz Ryan, Meg Medina, Rebecca Stead, Kelly Yang, and Kwame Alexander

  • Lost Words: An Armenian Story of Survival and Hope

    Based on a true family story, this inspiring picture book about the Armenian Genocide shares an often-overlooked history and honors the resilience of the Armenian people.

    What is it like to walk away from your home? To leave behind everything and everyone you’ve ever known? Poetic, sensitive, and based on a true family history, Lost Words follows a young Armenian boy from the day he sets out to find refuge to the day he finally finds the courage to share his story.

    “It is difficult to find the words to describe the type of loss a Genocide can cause to a young child. I’ve been looking for something similar for my own son. This picture book is a good start to help explain loss and raise the many questions necessary to start the conversation.”—Serj Tankian, activist, artist, and lead vocalist for System of a Down

    INTERGENERATIONAL CONNECTION: This story is a reassuring testament to the bond between parent and child, and the love people pass down to future generations through shared stories.

    ENCOURAGES COMPASSION: In the midst of the current international refugee crisis, stories of refugees and immigrants are an evocative reminder of the importance of showing kindness and empathy to strangers from all walks of life.

    UNIVERSAL STORY: While this story specifically centers Armenians, it also speaks to a shared experience of many people across the globe. Reckoning with loss after a traumatic event is a common experience that many people can relate to, but the poignancy of this story delivers a powerful message of hope, courage, and remembrance.

    UNDERREPRESENTED NARRATIVE: There are thought to be well over one million Armenians in the U.S., yet there are no known picture books about the Armenian Genocide. This moving portrait of family is a recognition of strength and resilience in the face of oppression, and a loving ode to a thriving community that refused to be silenced.

    Perfect for:
    * The Armenian and Armenian American community
    * Anyone interested in learning about Armenian history and culture
    * Readers seeking engaging stories of migration and refugee experience
    * Parents and grandparents
    * Teachers and librarians

  • The Henna Archive: A Step-by-Step Guide to 30 Designs

    With detailed how-tos, evocative stories, and expert advice, this curated collection of 30 beautiful, easily reproducible designs by henna expert Azra Khamissa captures the past, present, and future of henna. 

    Applied intricately to hands before celebrations, spread thickly on the soles of feet to protect the skin, or drawn in loose lines and shapes as a form of creative expression: Henna is all these things and more. Using her deep love for henna and tapping into her years of hosting henna workshops, designer and chiropractor Azra Khamissa fuses her own unique designs with historical and traditional inspiration to create The Henna Archive, a guide with 30 approachable designs that you can create at home.

    Inside you’ll find historical designs from Libya, Algeria, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, and more, as well as designs of Khamissa’s own creation: leopard prints, crescent moons, Japanese knots, and flowers. Touching stories from people around the world sharing their personal connections to henna pair with the designs and illuminate the intimate nature of this ancient body art. Included are detailed how-tos to take your henna practice to the next level and tips, like how to get the perfect stain, what to look for when shopping for the best quality henna products, and how to host your own henna party.

    UNIQUE DESIGNS: Included among the historical designs are 20 of Azra's own creation, designs that her many followers and fans have loved re-creating on their own and that will inspire you to explore henna for yourself. 

    A CELEBRATION OF HENNA: No other book has explored the stories and people behind the art form of henna in such a beautiful way. The designs inside uniquely capture the diverse applications, places, and people who love henna. 

    BEAUTIFUL GIFT: Filled with striking photography and detailed instructions, this book is the perfect gift for both beginners and henna experts alike or anyone looking to explore this art form.

    Perfect for:
    * Engagement party, bridal shower, wedding, or Eid al-Fitr gift 
    * Fans of henna, mendhi, or temporary tattooing looking for DIY design ideas
    * Great art activity for a girls’ night, bachelorette party, slumber parties, and more
    * Those who enjoy calligraphy, hand lettering, drawing, or anyone looking for a new art practice

  • PRE-ORDER: A Few Rules for Predicting the Future: An Essay

    PRE-ORDER: ON SALE January 14, 2025

    The wise words of science fiction icon Octavia E. Butler live on in this beautiful and giftable little volume.

    “There’s no single answer that will solve all our future problems. There’s no magic bullet. Instead there are thousands of answers—at least. You can be one of them if you choose to be.”

    Originally published in Essence magazine in the year 2000, Octavia E. Butler’s essay “A Few Rules for Predicting the Future” offers an honest look into the inspiration behind her science fiction novels and the importance of studying history and taking responsibility for our actions if we are to move forward. 

    Organized into four main rules, this short essay reminds readers to learn from the past, respect the law of consequences, be aware of their perspectives, and count on the surprises. Citing the warning signs of fascism, the illusive effects of fear and wishful thinking, and the unpredictable nature of what is yet to come, Butler shares realistic but hopeful suggestions to shape our future into something good. An inspiring and motivational gift for students and recent graduates, fans of Butler's work, and anyone seeking a brighter day tomorrow, this exquisite gift book includes stunning Afrofuturist artwork by Manzel Bowman alongside the full text of the original essay.

    LITERARY ICON: Octavia E. Butler was a pioneering science fiction writer whose novels, written decades ago, remain eerily relevant, reflecting on themes of racial injustice, women’s rights, environmental collapse, and political corruption. In 1995, she became the first science fiction author to win a MacArthur Genius grant, and her books are taught in over 200 colleges and universities nationwide. This book shares Butler's timely but lesser-known essay and is a must-read for fans of her classic sci-fi works.
    CELEBRATE BLACK CREATORS: This book spotlights one of the greatest authors of Afrofuturism, a genre and philosophy that explores and reimagines Black culture, creativity, and liberation through fiction, art, music, film, and other media. Octavia E. Butler’s forward-thinking essay is paired with contemporary illustrations by Manzel Bowman, whose evocative images are also inspired by Afrofuturist visions.
    INSPIRING GIFT: A unique gift for students, recent graduates, and anyone celebrating life milestones or looking forward in life, this beautifully designed hardcover book is sure to inspire. Octavia E. Butler’s essay is also an important, evergreen reminder for writers, creatives, dreamers, and activists who want to envision and work toward a brighter future.

    Perfect for:
    * Fans of Octavia Butler and her novels, including Kindred and Parable of the Sower
    * People interested in nonfiction and essays by Black women writers
    * Afrofuturism lovers and social justice-minded sci-fi readers
    * Literary bibliophiles looking for a stunning new addition to their bookshelf
    * Gift-giving to graduating high school and college students
    * Activists and community leaders
    * Inspirational essay readers
    * Fans of Manzel Bowman and Afrofuturist art

  • Love Cake

    by Douglas Bell


    Four years ago, Bryan Hicks left behind a lucrative corporate job to open a bakery with his trans girlfriend, Nadia Brooks.

    In conservative Houston, Texas, they had to sue a transphobic landlord just to lease a space. Even so, the shop was

    humming along until the Covid-19 pandemic slowed their business to a trickle. Cash-strapped and desperate, Bryan turns

    to an unsavory character for a loan; when he's unable to pay it back, he's forced to rent out the bakery to an illegal trans

    strip show to make some extra cash. The dancers and customers trash the place, and one night it gets so rowdy Bryan

    fires a gun just to clear the store. How did his dream become such a nightmare? The novel moves back in time to tell the

    history of the bakery, from the first "love cake" Bryan made for Nadia to Nadia's Hail Mary effort to win cash in a TV baking

    competition. All the while, Bryan strives to be a supportive father to his queer son and his increasingly right-wing daughter.

    Can Bryan save his bakery and his relationship with Nadia, or is he about to lose his love and livelihood in one fell swoop?

    Bell's workmanlike prose captures both the tranquil atmosphere of the bakery and the wild energy of the trans party scene,

    as here, when Bryan and Nadia visit a strip club: "Now that they were inside, Nadia looked overwhelmed, standing very

    stiff. She looked scared to touch anything. Bryan grabbed her and led her through the mesh of bodies to the middle bar.

    He handed Nadia a beer, and they both turned around to check out the raw scene."

  • Chase The Chef

    Meet Chase and his amazing chef-dad, Courtney Lindsay, the real-life culinary genius who will whisk you away on a mouthwatering journey! Dive into the kitchen with this father-son duo as they whip up a healthy, vegan, kid-approved recipe that is as fun to make as it is to eat. With a focus on kitchen safety and foundational prep skills, ''Chase the Chef'' is a book that invites kids of all ages to roll up their sleeves and become kitchen superstars

  • CAKEWALK: A Novel

    “Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. Yes, I gave this book a six-star rating out of a possible five. Where to even begin with how much I loved this book.” Goodreads Reviewer, Transgender Bookworm

    Die-hard traditional Texas is the backdrop where success and nonconformity cannot coexist for Bryan Hicks, an African-American divorced father of two kids, Lindsey, the athletic golden child, and Lance, the unorthodox queer thespian.

    Bryan's mother loves bragging to her high-society girlfriends about Bryan's accomplishments and promotion to VP at a large multinational oil/gas company. Bryan vigorously steers clear of conversations with his mother about who he is dating because Bryan has been secretly dating Nadia, a transgender woman.

    Cakewalk is contemporary fiction based on Douglas Bell's past experiences. Bell speaks from an African-American heteronormative (privileged) cisgender voice to candidly expose the trauma of transphobia and homophobia. Bell wants to humanize the struggle of trans women to live on their terms. Bell asks us to believe in ourselves, trust in ourselves, and don’t let society define who you are. There is enough courage within you to be the person you want to be.

    Editorial Reviews
    Goodreads Reviewer, Erikka
    I must say this book absolutely had me by the first chapter. Each character represented someone i have have met or known and truly had me hooked. The fact that as I dove deeper into each page it was as if I was watching a movie of so many lives play out right before me. This up and coming author has truly snatched my attention and made me reflect on the perspectives of others as well as the symbolism throughout this read. If you want to laugh, cry, feel anger, empathy, and reflection on how and who you are as well as get a little hot and heavy this is definitely the right book for you. Step into a world you may have never known existed and watch the similarities of what all humans long for no matter the pronoun.

  • Black Pastoral: Poems

    Finalist 2023 National Book Critics Circle John Leonard Prize

    Black Pastoral explores the complex duality of Black peoples’ past and present relationship with nature. It surveys the ways in which our histories (both Black histories and natural/ecological histories), our suffering and our thriving, are forever wound around one another. They are painful at times and act as a salve at others. Ariana Benson’s poems meditate upon the violence and tenderness that simultaneously characterize the entangling of the two, taking the form of a series of ecopoetic musings that re-envision these confluences.

    Moreover, Benson’s poems illustrate the beauty inherent to Blackness, to nature, to the remarkable relationship they share, while also refusing its permission to collect idly, like an opaque skein of film obscuring uglier, necessary truths. Black Pastoral seeks to be both love letter and elegy, both flame to raze the field and flood to nourish the land anew.

  • Appalachian Elegy: Poetry and Place
    Sold out

    Author, activist, feminist, teacher, and artist bell hooks is celebrated as one of the nation's leading intellectuals. Born in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, hooks drew her unique pseudonym from the name of her grandmother, an intelligent and strong-willed African American woman who inspired her to stand up against a dominating and repressive society. Her poetry, novels, memoirs, and children's books reflect her Appalachian upbringing and feature her struggles with racially integrated schools and unwelcome authority figures. One of Utne Reader's "100 Visionaries Who Can Change Your Life," hooks has won wide acclaim from critics and readers alike.

    In Appalachian Elegy, bell hooks continues her work as an imagist of life's harsh realities in a collection of poems inspired by her childhood in the isolated hills and hidden hollows of Kentucky. At once meditative, confessional, and political, this poignant volume draws the reader deep into the experience of living in Appalachia. Touching on such topics as the marginalization of its people and the environmental degradation it has suffered over the years, hooks's poetry quietly elegizes the slow loss of an identity while also celebrating that which is constant, firmly rooted in a place that is no longer whole.

  • Deep South : A Social Anthropological Study of Caste and Class (2nd Edition)

    Allison Davis

    Sold out
    A classic examination of the lived realities of American racism, now with a new foreword from Pulitzer Prize winner Isabel Wilkerson.
    First published in 1941, Deep South is a landmark work of anthropology, documenting in startling and nuanced detail the everyday realities of American racism. Living undercover in Depression-era Mississippi—not revealing their scholarly project or even their association with one another—groundbreaking Black scholar Allison Davis and his White co-authors, Burleigh and Mary Gardner, delivered an unprecedented examination of how race shaped nearly every aspect of twentieth-century life in the United States. Their analysis notably revealed the importance of caste and class to Black and White worldviews, and they anatomized the many ways those views are constructed, solidified, and reinforced.

    This reissue of the 1965 abridged edition, with a new foreword from Pulitzer Prize winner Isabel Wilkerson—who acknowledges the book’s profound importance to her own workproves that Deep South remains as relevant as ever, a crucial work on the concept of caste and how it continues to inform the myriad varieties of American inequality.

  • Running in Flip-Flops From the End of the World

    A hilarious middle-grade from justin a. reynolds that asks: What happens when five unsupervised kids face the apocalypse under outrageously silly circumstances?

    When twelve-year-old Eddie Gordon Holloway and his friends are left home from Beach Bash, aka the greatest party of the year, only to realize that everyone in town has disappeared without a trace, they do what any smart, responsible kids would do . . . have the best day ever!

    No parental supervision sounds fun for a while, but forever is a long time. And soon the gang starts to notice strange things happening around town, and they’re only getting stranger. They have to figure out what happened to their families. It seems like getting to the beach will answer all their questions . . . but the only problem is that some mysterious force seems determined to prevent them from making it there.

    Eddie knows that this is a clear sign -- obviously they should be focused on having as much fun as possible for as long as possible. But everyone deals with the fear differently, and soon the friendships begin to fracture. Can Eddie find a way to get all his friends on the same page? And will they ever make it to the beach?

  • The Old Truck

    A young girl turns her imagination into action in this beautifully crafted and intricately designed debut picture book.

    When is an old truck something more? On a small, bustling farm, a resilient and steadfast pickup works tirelessly alongside the family that lives there, and becomes a part of the dreams and ambitions of the family’s young daughter.

    After long days and years of hard work leave the old truck rusting in the weeds, it’s time for the girl to roll up her sleeves. Soon she is running her own busy farm, and in the midst of all the repairing and restoring, it may be time to bring her faithful childhood companion back to life.

    With an eye-catching retro design and cleverly nuanced illustrations, The Old Truck celebrates the rewards of determination and the value of imagination.

  • I Am Not Sidney Poitier: A Novel

    I Am Not Sidney Poitier is an irresistible comic novel from the master storyteller Percival Everett, and an irreverent take on race, class, and identity in America

    I was, in life, to be a gambler, a risk-taker, a swashbuckler, a knight. I accepted, then and there, my place in the world. I was a fighter of windmills. I was a chaser of whales. I was Not Sidney Poitier.

    Not Sidney Poitier is an amiable young man in an absurd country. The sudden death of his mother orphans him at age eleven, leaving him with an unfortunate name, an uncanny resemblance to the famous actor, and, perhaps more fortunate, a staggering number of shares in the Turner Broadcasting Corporation.

    Percival Everett's hilarious new novel follows Not Sidney's tumultuous life, as the social hierarchy scrambles to balance his skin color with his fabulous wealth. Maturing under the less-than watchful eye of his adopted foster father, Ted Turner, Not gets arrested in rural Georgia for driving while black, sparks a dinnertable explosion at the home of his manipulative girlfriend, and sleuths a murder case in Smut Eye, Alabama, all while navigating the recurrent communication problem: "What's your name?" a kid would ask. "Not Sidney," I would say. "Okay, then what is it?"

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