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  • Malcolm X Lapel Pin
    Sold out

    “To be a negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all of the time.” James A. Baldwin

    1.75 inches tall

    Soft enamel with black metal plating. 

    Comes with 2 rubber pin backs. 

  • Phenomenal Woman Card
    Sold out

    Blank Inside.

    A7 size (5" x 7").

    Printed on 110lb Pure White recycled, archival and acid-free paper.

    Comes with Kraft envelope and protective sleeve.

  • Button - Black is Beautiful
    1.25" diameter
  • The Bookshelf Woodmark
    The Bookshelf Woodmark is part of The Seasonal Page's collection of bookmarks. This product is a high quality wood bookmark with a special design and sized 2x6 inches.
  • Black Tarot: An Ancestral Awakening Deck and Guidebook

    by Nyasha Williams

    Sold out

    Awaken ancestral ties and connect to the divine with Black Tarot, a deluxe tarot deck and guidebook set from author Nyasha Williams, featuring and celebrating exclusively Black figures and imagery.

    Let your guiding spirits and ancestral figures come through with this stunningly illustrated tarot deck and guidebook. Black Tarot is the tarot deck you’ve been missing, complete with 78 tarot cards featuring all Black representations of classic tarot figures and iconography (The Sun, The Moon, Judgement, etc.). An accompanying illustrated guidebook with information on each card including traits, descriptions, action steps, flower, element, chakra, affirmations, and more. Throughout, find lessons on how the moon's cycle and the element of water influence your life, your readings, and your connections with the divine.

    • DELUXE SET: This set includes 78 full-color illustrated tarot cards (3 X 5 inches), shrink wrapped in an interior travel case; a 144-page, full-color illustrated flexibind book (4 3/4 X 6 inches); and a keepsake magnetic closure box with a flocked tray and metallic highlights on the box and cards. 
    • FULLY ILLUSTRATED TAROT GUIDEBOOK: A 144-page full-color guidebook explaining how to best use the cards is included.
    • ORIGINAL ILLUSTRATIONS: Each card features stunning art created exclusively for this tarot deck and guidebook.
    A note on packaging: In order to help honor our planet and reduce waste, we have only shrink wrapped the interior tarot cards, rather than the keepsake box. Please feel confident that your product is not defective or used, but rather represents a step we are taking to protect our collective home. When you open your deck, you will find that the actual cards inside the box are shrink wrapped for protection and to ensure first use by the buyer.
  • Toni Lapel Pin
    Sold out

    “You wanna fly? You gotta give up the sh*t that weighs you down.” Toni Morrison

    1.75 inches tall. 

    Soft enamel with black metal plating. 

    Pin comes with 2 rubber pin backs. 

  • Sukoshi Arch Mug
    Sold out
    An alternative mug handle to our larger handles.

    Natural stoneware ceramics, like wood or metal, varies in color and patinas with age. This makes each piece unique.

    Dimensions: 3½” wide X 5¼” high

    Capacity: 16oz

    Instructions for care: Hand or machine wash
  • Angela Davis Enamel Pin

    "I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept."
    "You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time."
    "Radical simply means 'grasping things at the root.'"

    1.25 inches tall
    Soft enamel with black plating
    2 posts
    Comes with 2 rubber pin backs 

  • To The Lady in the Place Card
    Sold out

    Blank Inside. 

     A7 size (5" x 7").

    Printed on 110lb Pure White recycled, archival and acid-free paper.

    Comes with Kraft envelope and protective sleeve.

  • Black Lives Matter Pin | Gold

    Black Lives Matter. Wear it every day and have those important conversations.  

    A portion of the proceeds will go to the Black Lives Matter National Network and local chapters. Learn more here:

    1 inch wide
    Hard enamel with gold plating
    1 post - Pin comes with 1 rubber pin back 

  • Affirmation Cards: How We Heal through Self-Love, Joy, and Manifestation

    by Alexandra Elle

    Sold out

    From bestselling self-care author Alexandra Elle, this empowering deck makes it easy to cultivate confidence, joy, and mindfulness in everyday life.

    Affirmation Cards is a deck of 55 cards, each featuring an uplifting affirmation on the front and a meditation practice on the back. Organized into six categories—Self-Love, Personal Power, Self-Trust, Letting Go, Boundaries, and Healing—these cards are designed to help you tap into moments of peace, clarity, and connection in your day-to-day life. Delivered in a luxe, take-anywhere package, this deck is a gorgeous accessory for wellness enthusiasts, meditators, and fans of Alexandra Elle.

    EXPERT WISDOM: Alexandra Elle is a leading voice in wellness and a New York Times bestselling author. Her work has been featured by a wide range of media outlets, including the New York Times, NPR, Good Morning America, Essence, MindBodyGreen, Forbes, among many others. This deck is inspired by the popular affirmations Alex shares with her fans online, offering readers bite-size practices that make it simple to incorporate positivity into daily life.

    EASY SELF-CARE: Brimming with 55 affirming practices, this deck makes it easy to incorporate profound self-care practices into busy days. The portable, on-the-go format makes it the ideal accessory to keep in your bag so that you can pull a card whenever you need a mindful moment.

    BEAUTIFUL TO GIFT AND DISPLAY: Delivered in a stylish, eye-catching package filled with 55 shimmering cards, Affirmation Cards is a beautiful gift for anyone interested in self-discovery, meditation, and mindfulness and a stylish companion for the spiritually curious.

    ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: This interactive and uplifting deck can be used in a variety of ways: pull one card a day to start your morning with positivity, pull several cards at once to set an intention for the week, or keep a favorite card on the bedside table for everyday encouragement.

    Perfect for:

    • Fans of Alexandra Elle and her popular self-care publishing including How We HealAfter the Rain, and In Courage Journal
    • Meditators, yoga enthusiasts, and anyone interested in self-healing and personal development
    • Birthday, graduation, or wellness gift givers looking for gifts for for poets, writers, healers, caretakers, and all who can benefit from the power of positive thinking
    • Fans of Yung Pueblo, Rupi Kaur, Nedra Tawwab, and the Nap Ministry

  • Button - Angela Davis
    1.5" diameter
  • Birthday Crown
    Sold out

    Blank Inside A7 size (5" x 7")

    Printed on 120lb Pure White recycled, archival and acid-free paper

    Comes with Kraft envelope and protective sleeve

  • The Hoodoo Tarot

    by Tayannah Lee McQuillar

    Sold out

    A divination deck and guidebook rooted in the American Hoodoo tradition

    • 2021 Coalition of Visionary Resources Silver Award

    • Includes 78 full-color Tarot cards that depict legendary rootworkers past and present as well as important Hoodoo archetypes and symbols

    • Provides in-depth card meanings for each card in the Major Arcana and the four suits of the Minor Arcana, including the history of the rootworker or symbol featured, any associated magical plants, and guidance based on the card’s meaning

    • Offers a history of Hoodoo and its complex heritage, including its roots in multiple African and Native American ethnic groups as well as its European influences

    Between the 17th and 19th centuries, many Indigenous Americans and people of African descent intermarried and socialized more often than is acknowledged by mainstream history books and scholars. These interactions produced not only a multicultural people but also a body of knowledge that is known today as Hoodoo or Rootwork.

    Celebrating the complex American Rootwork tradition, The Hoodoo Tarot integrates esoteric and botanical knowledge from Hoodoo with the divination system of the Tarot. Structured like a traditional Tarot deck, each of the 78 cards features full-color paintings by magical-realist artist Katelan Foisy and elegantly interprets the classical Tarot imagery through depictions of legendary rootworkers past and present as well as important Hoodoo symbolism.

    In the accompanying guidebook, Tayannah Lee McQuillar provides a history of Hoodoo and its complex heritage, including its roots in multiple African and Indigenous American ethnic groups as well as its European influences. She explores the traditional forms of divination used by rootworkers, including cartomancy, explaining how pairing the Tarot with Hoodoo is a natural fit. For each card in the Major Arcana and the four suits of the Minor Arcana (sticks, baskets, needles, and knives), McQuillar provides an in-depth card meaning that draws on both Tarot and Hoodoo tradition. She shares the history of the rootworker or symbol featured, any associated magical plants, a related scriptural quote, and guidance and advice based on the card’s meaning. She also offers instructions on card spreads and shares sample card readings.

    Offering a divination system rooted in the Indigenous and African experience in North America, The Hoodoo Tarot provides a hands-on way to honor and explore the magic of Hoodoo for personal growth and spiritual inspiration.

  • Healing Energy Card

    Blank Inside.

    A7 size (5" x 7").

  • Birthday Superhero Card

    Blank Inside.

    A7 size (5" x 7").

  • All Of Us - Skin Tone Crayons

    This set of 8 skin tone crayons is richly pigmented to represent and celebrate the beauty of all skin tones. Each crayon is poured by hand to create a thick, round crayon that is easy for little hands to grasp.

    The round tip is incredibly versatile and well-suited to drawing face shapes, large portraits, and broad strokes. These non-toxic crayons are lovingly handcrafted and contain No paraffin. No soy wax. No chemical fillers. Only sustainably sourced beeswax, plant waxes, and natural earth pigments.

    • Round tip for broad strokes and smooth lines
    • Wrapped for added durability
    • Set of 8 hand-poured beeswax crayons
  • Wyntry Collection Gift Wrap
    Sold out
    Wrap your gifts with Santa this Wynter Holiday Season. This gift wrap is also excellent for Christmas Birthdays!

    Product Details

    - Glossy wrapping paper set of two (2) rolls
    - An original Black Santa Houston modern illustration
    - Christmas Tree and Gift on a navy blue and green background
    - Pastel inspired design
    - Roll Size: 30" x 72"
    - Designed in Houston, Texas
    - Professionally manufactured in U.S.A.
  • Little Yogi Deck

    by Crystal McCreary

    Sometimes our emotions are too much to handle, and we need help understanding and processing what we are feeling. The Little Yogi Deck teaches kids how to recognize and navigate these big emotions by introducing yoga and mindfulness as tools they can use to feel calmer and more in control. The deck makes important topics like strengthening attention, increasing self-awareness, and soothing the nervous system fun and easy to understand through poses like “The Wet Noodle,” “Toe-ga,” and “Grasshopper Flow.” The 48 cards are organized into eight color-coded categories—anger, worry, excitement, sadness, joy, jealousy, shame, and peace—to give kids specific practices for the variety of emotions they might be experiencing. Along with a practice, each card also features a vibrant illustration to visually depict the pose or activity. To offer additional support to parents, teachers, and caregivers, the deck includes a booklet explaining the approach for developing emotional intelligence in children through the practices offered.
  • Black Trans Lives Matter Pin

    ALL Black Lives Matter. Support our trans brothers and sisters in every way you can! Proceeds benefit organizations led trans people of color. 

    1.5 inches tall. Soft enamel. Comes with 2 rubber pin backs. 

  • Black Panther Party Lapel Pin
    Sold out

    In celebration of their 50th anniversary: All power to the people!
    This is Part 1 of the Radical Dreams Black Liberation Series!

    Learn more about the Black Panther Party here:

    1.5 inches wide
    Hard enamel with gold plating
    2 posts - Comes with 2 rubber pin backs

  • The Antiracist Deck by Ibram X. Kendi

    Engage, learn, and inspire with this deck of 100 conversation starters from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of How to Be an Antiracist, Antiracist Baby, Stamped from the Beginning, and more.

    Ibram X. Kendi has raised our awareness of the importance of persistent, dedicated antiracist work. Being antiracist is an everyday commitment; in order to build a more equitable and just society, we must be diligent, making antiracist choices at every turn. Meaningful change can start at the micro-level; these conversations starters will help you along the way.

    When did you first become aware of racism? When did you first become aware of your race? Where does racism exist? What does “resistance” mean to you? Why is talking about race important? Why now?

    Whether you choose to ponder these questions alone or with family, friends, or community groups, the 100 cards in The Antiracist Deck will help you lead discussions on race, racism, antiracism, and intersectional topics like class, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, power, and more.

    You have to believe you can change in order to bring it about. Start with these conversations in your home, school, church, or book club. Uncover your antiracist power within to transform your community.

  • The Colorful Birthday Card
    Sold out

    Blank Inside. 

     A7 size (5" x 7").

    Printed on 110lb Pure White recycled, archival and acid-free paper.

    Comes with Kraft envelope and protective sleeve.

  • Ode to Hip-Hop Trivia Deck & Guidebook

    by Kiana Fitzgerald


    This fun and challenging game offers hip-hop listeners 200 questions to test their knowledge of the genre! Set includes:

    • Trivia Deck: 50 full-color printed cards filled with trivia questions (4 per card, for a total of 200 questions)
    • Range of Eras and Subjects: Questions on hip-hop history cover a range of subjects from iconic album releases to key players to little known facts, from hip-hop's birth in the Bronx through modern day; cards measure 3 x 5 inches
    • Keepsake Box: Cards are housed in full-color printed keepsake box with magnetic closure
    • Entertain Like a Pro: This game works for solo play as well as groups of 2, 3, or more
    • Perfect Gift: A fun and meaningful deck for anyone who appreciates this iconic genre
  • Langston Lapel Pin

    A poet, novelist, playwright, and more, Langston Hughes changed history with his words. Hold fast to your dreams, and honor Mr. Hughes wherever you go with this iconic pin!

    1.75 inches tall.
    Soft enamel with black metal plating.
    Pin comes with 2 rubber pin backs. 

  • Confident Candle: Honeysuckle Jasmine + Bergamot
    Sold out

    D E T A I L S . 

    With the perfect blend of honeysuckle jasmine and bergamot, this soothing candle is essential in your space to boost your confidence and lift your vibrations. 


    Top Notes: neroli, lemon, ginger, bergamot

    Middle Notes: honeysuckle, jasmine, rose 

    Bottom Notes: sandalwood


    I N T E N T I O N . 

    Speak this gentle reminder when lighting this candle: 

    There is no one like me or no one I would rather be. I am beautifully designed and worthy of life's blessings. I am no longer moved by judgment for the only voice I move to is my own. 


    I N G R E D I E NT S .

    + honeysuckle jasmine: This floral honey-sweet fragrance oil is soft and dreamy. It opens with top notes of lemon and ginger before giving bringing in hints of honeysuckle and jasmine. 

    + bergamot: Bergamot is an essential oil that gives a fresh citrus fragrance. Bergamot has many benefits including stress relief, elevating mood, and boosting confidence. 

    Size: 12 oz (Burn Time: 60-84 hours)


    D E S I G N . 

    A luxurious matte cream vessel gives a warm feel. The lovely expresso pinewood lid gives a boho-chic touch. The eco-friendly label tag is secured by twine that makes repurposing the vessel easy and hassle-free.

  • Cool Mom Card

    We all have that person who you can always count on to be there for you. This card is perfect for showing them some gratitude. Interior is blank for you to write your own message.

    Size: A6 4.5 x 6.25 in

    Each card comes with a 100% recycled A6 kraft envelope

    All cards are printed on 100% PCW Recycled, PCF Chlorine Free paper

  • Circle Sticky Notes

    Think outside the box and use a Circle Sticky Note. 

    • Circles measure 2.75 inches in diameter
    • 25 sheets
    • Self-adhesive

    By Cloth & Paper 

  • 3 pc affirmation pens - be bold. be brave. be fearless.
    Take notes and stay uplifted with these beautiful ballpoint pens. This trio features brass hardware including a retractable ballpoint tip and clip. These pens are slim enough to tuck within your wallet or pocket, they’re perfect for everyday use. * Black ink. * Set of 3 pens * Retractable tip * Metal pen
  • Dear Black Man Card

    Blank Inside. A7 size (5" x 7").

    Printed on 110lb Pure White recycled, archival and acid-free paper.

    Comes with kraft envelope and protective sleeve.

  • 2024 Set Boundaries, Find Peace Boxed Calendar: 365 Ways to Set Healthy Limits and Reclaim Yourself

    by Nedra Glover Tawwab

    Sold out

    Join the animals and follow the clues in this rollicking, rhyming, nature-inspired whodunit story full of fun collective nouns!

    Based on the New York Times bestselling book by licensed therapist and relationship expert Nedra Glover Tawwab, this new 2024 boxed calendar helps buyers set healthy boundaries, form strong relationships and connections, and speak up for what they need. Embrace your authentic self and experience the freedom of truly being you all year with relatable, inclusive, and inspiring content that gives you the tools to establish boundaries in every aspect of your life, identify your needs, and learn to experience and express your feelings freely.

  • Manifestation Journal
    Sold out
    The Manifestation Journal is the perfect place to manifest the life you deserve. “Less Planning, More Manifesting” is embossed in gold foil across the front of this 100% recycled paper journal to be a constant reminder that everything you want is within reach. Choose between lined or unlined pages to best fit your journaling needs. Design by SaVonne Anderson. Size: 5.5 x 8 in, 100 pages, wire binding. Printed sustainably on 100% PCW Recycled, PCF Chlorine Free paper.

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