• Laws of Wrath

Laws of Wrath

There are those who fight the devil within them. And those who worship it.

When the butchered body of a cross-dresser is found in a dumpster, it’s up to Detective Phee Freeman to solve the crime. But this case is personal. The victim is Freeman’s brother.

At first, the slaying looks like the random act of a vicious killer, but Freeman, his partner Quincy Cavanaugh, and FBI agent Janet Maclin soon discover this is something much more sinister. Similar ritualistic murders are taking place across the city. They’re willing to do whatever it takes to stop the massacres—even if that means that have to join forces with The Dr. Daria Zibik, a brilliant but deranged cult leader. But what if the evil they are hunting and the sociopath they are trusting are one in the same?

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