• Just a Pinch of Magic

Just a Pinch of Magic

In this middle-grade contemporary fantasy, two young enchanters team up to save their small town from a spell gone wrong.

Wini's family of enchanters runs a bakery, but with the prices of magical ingredients skyrocketing, they're going under. Desperate to save their business, Wini takes a risk by casting a (sort of illegal) spell. But the spell backfires. Badly. Now the whole town is in danger.

It's just been Kal and her dad for as long as she can remember. But just as they're about to move to a new town for a fresh start, Kal's grandfather has reentered their lives. He joins them in opening their bookstore, but Kal can't help but wonder if he has anything to do with the whispers around her new home about wicked magic.

When Wini and Kal cross paths, the girls bond over being fellow outcasts. Together they search for the solution to fixing the magic gone awry in their beloved town—and just maybe get their dads to go out on a date.

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