• Ethiopia Ethereal - Single Origin

Ethiopia Ethereal - Single Origin

Notes: Strawberry Pound Cake, Lemongrass, Sugar Cane

Region: Uraga, Guji, Ethiopia
Altitude: 2095-2122 masl
Process: Washed

Species: 100% Arabica

Inspired by the sound of mid century artist Mulatu Astatke, comes Ethereal. Considered by many to be the father of Ethio-Jazz, he brought forth a unique blend of latin influences, traditional Ethiopian modal systems, and the popular notes of New York City. The album cover of his 1965 compilation The Story of Ethio Jazz (released in '09), is what motivated the art of Ethereal

Origin Story

Found deep within the green hills of Ethiopia, is the Uraga district. Its high elevation is home to the Odola TebeArowacho washing station, owned by Zelalem Alemu (established in 2016). Though tucked away inside dense forests and mountains, this land offers the perfect conditions for slower ripening times (resulting in flavorful and bright coffees). An interesting charm about the smallhold producers of Uraga (as well as in Ethiopia itself), is that most of them grow cherries right in their own backyards (and collect those naturally occurring in the surrounding areas). These “garden farmers” are part of generations, and their wealth of knowledge (and willingness to continue learning) is evident in their coffee.

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