• All Of Us - Skin Tone Crayons

    This set of 8 skin tone crayons is richly pigmented to represent and celebrate the beauty of all skin tones. Each crayon is poured by hand to create a thick, round crayon that is easy for little hands to grasp.

    The round tip is incredibly versatile and well-suited to drawing face shapes, large portraits, and broad strokes. These non-toxic crayons are lovingly handcrafted and contain No paraffin. No soy wax. No chemical fillers. Only sustainably sourced beeswax, plant waxes, and natural earth pigments.

    • Round tip for broad strokes and smooth lines
    • Wrapped for added durability
    • Set of 8 hand-poured beeswax crayons
  • Wyntry Collection Gift Wrap
    Sold out
    Wrap your gifts with Santa this Wynter Holiday Season. This gift wrap is also excellent for Christmas Birthdays!

    Product Details

    - Glossy wrapping paper set of two (2) rolls
    - An original Black Santa Houston modern illustration
    - Christmas Tree and Gift on a navy blue and green background
    - Pastel inspired design
    - Roll Size: 30" x 72"
    - Designed in Houston, Texas
    - Professionally manufactured in U.S.A.
  • Circle Sticky Notes

    Think outside the box and use a Circle Sticky Note. 

    • Circles measure 2.75 inches in diameter
    • 25 sheets
    • Self-adhesive

    By Cloth & Paper 

  • Urgent Sticky Notes

    Use our Urgent Sticky Notes for a quick reminder of important tasks and events. 

    • Black ink printed on white paper
    • 50 sheets
    • Measures 3 x 3 inches square
    • Self-adhesive

    By Cloth & Paper

    • Dot Grid Sticky Notes
      Sold out

      Bring a touch of the bullet journaling phenomenon to your daily plans with our Dot Grid Sticky Notes.

      • Measures 4 inches wide x 3 inches high
      • 50 sheets
      • Chateau ink on matte paper
      • Self-adhesive

      By Cloth & Paper

      • Transparent Shape Stickers | Drops
        Drop some color into your planner with our highly requested new shape: the drop.
        • 2 sheets per pack
        • transparent
        • 63 stickers per sheet
        • 4 x 6 sheet

        By Cloth & Paper

        • A5 Schedule Notepad

          In a rush and no time to whip out your planner? This notepad is an ideal desk pad for daily planning in the office or home.

          • Open schedule section to fill in appointments or meetings
          • Date and day of the week
          • Priorities
          • Notes
          • 50 sheets

          • Meeting Notes Pad
            A portable and functional notepad for meetings of all kinds. Pro tip: add the sheets to your planner by punching them for your system. 


            • 5" width x 7" length
            • 50 sheets per pad
            • black ink on white heavyweight paper stock


            • Subject
            • Date/Time
            • Tasks (6)
            • Dot grid for notes
            • Follow up

            By Cloth & Paper

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