• You’ve Been Served

You’ve Been Served

Legally Blonde meets Jasmine Guillory’s The Proposal when a young Black woman leaves her career as a chef and starts law school on the whim of a Magic 8 Ball.

Simone Alexander didn't mean to end up back in school. She's a chef, and a pretty good one at that but when she finds herself without a job or money, she asks a Magic 8 Ball if she should go to law school. Much to her chagrin, it says yes.

When Simone cruises onto campus, she assumes she won't have to work too hard to do well. She never has before. But law school is not what she expected: the professors are intimidating, the classes grueling, and the other students seem to have their lives all mapped out. After a few weeks, Simone isn't sure leaving her life as a chef was the right decision. She needs help and fast.

Simone’s only option: the insufferable Silas Whitman. When Simone bumps into Silas before school, she expects him to be a temporary nuisance. He's a little brash, a little blunt, and a total gunner but he's Simone's best hope of surviving. Plus, he's pretty cute when he's not being difficult. As they spend more time together, Silas charms Simone and quite literally sings his way into her heart.

With her life and love up in the air, Simone must decide what she wants and where her heart ultimately lies.

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