• The Money Mentor by Santis O’Garro

The Money Mentor by Santis O’Garro

Eliminate debt and save your way to financial freedom with social media sensation Santis O'Garro's fool-proof advice.

In December 2018, Santis O’Garro found herself in a dire situation: a newly single mother in €15k of debt, with bills mounting and no one to turn to for help. Something had to change. The only option was to face her bad financial habits so she could get out of debt – and fast.

A year later, she had not only eradicated her debt, but was also financially secure enough to quit her job and pursue a new career. Here, she shows you how to change your money mindset so you can live a debt-free life, too.

Packed with practical advice, you will learn how to conquer:

The weekly shop…
Monthly bills…
Annual car insurance…
Back-to-school fees…

… and even have some cash left over for an emergency fund and special occasions.

So take the stress out of saving and let The Money Mentor show you the way to financial freedom.

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