• Rise of the Ravenisha

Rise of the Ravenisha

Rise of the Ravenisha: A Fantasy Fiction Novel On Breaking Your Bonds And Coming Into Your Own Power

A wonderfully woven, speculative fiction novel about werepanthers, warrior women, and revenge.

Warrior women. Ancient power struggles. Corrupt experiments.

Queen Idia sold her friends and fellow warriors into slavery for nefarious reasons, an ancient tribe of African warrior women known collectively as the Ravenisha.

Hundreds of years later, the Old-Generation Ravenisha anticipate that the time to release themselves from bondage has arrived. The New-Generation Ravenisha, led by Teddy, need to be nurtured, and are ready to spring into action. Can Teddy overcome her own issues to fulfill La Panthère Noire's prophecy to lead the Ravenisha into a new world order, or will she doom the Ravenisha to slavery for all eternity?


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