• Race Rules: What Your Black Friend Won’t Tell You

Race Rules: What Your Black Friend Won’t Tell You

What if there were a set of rules to educate people against race-based social faux pas that damage relationships, perpetuate racist stereotypes, and harm people of color? This book provides just that in an effort to slow the malignant domino effect of race-based ignorance in American communities and workplaces to help address the vestiges of our nation’s racist past.

Race Rules is an innovative, practical manual for white people of the unwritten “rules” relating to race – explaining the unvarnished truth about racist and offensive white behaviors. It offers a unique lens from a light-skinned Black woman, informed by the revealing things white people say when they don’t realize she’s Black.

Presented as a series of “race rules,” each chapter tackles a specific topic many people of color wish white people understood. Combining history and explanations with practical advice, it goes beyond the theoretical by focusing on what’s implementable.

It addresses issues such as:

  • Racial blinders and misperceptions
  • White privilege
  • Racial stereotypes
  • Everyday choices and behaviors causing racial harm

Introducing a straightforward universal 3-step framework to unlearn racism and challenge misconceptions, readers will be able to change behaviors and shift mindsets to better navigate cross-racial interactions and relationships. Through its “race etiquette” guidelines, it teaches white people to become action-oriented racism disruptors instead of silent, complicit supporters of white supremacy.
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