• PRE-ORDER: Bang!: Masturbation for People of All Genders and Abilities (2nd Edition)

PRE-ORDER: Bang!: Masturbation for People of All Genders and Abilities (2nd Edition)

PRE-ORDER: ON SALE October 24, 2023

Expanded second edition of this instant classic with a foreword by adrienne maree brown

Masturbation is one of life's great pleasures. It helps build self-knowledge, foster body awareness, and expand your sexual repertoire, no partner required. Anyone can use masturbation to explore their relationship to their body, desires, and pleasure. This joyful, unique book centers people of color, queer people, disabled people, sex workers, and other often underrepresented voices to bring an informative and beautiful perspective to self-love. Inside, you'll find sections on:

  • Masturbation myths shattered for good, with history and data analysis
  • Techniques-physical and emotional-for finding solo pleasure
  • A guide to buying sex toys and supporting feminist sex shops
  • Tips by and for transgender masturbators
  • Logistical advice and encouragement by and for wheelchair users
  • Guidance for teaching your kids healthy, safe attitudes about masturbation
  • Wisdom about giving pleasure to your aging body
  • Advice for working through internalized masturbation stigma and building a friendship with your genitalia
Discover and share the joys of unpartnered sex with this beautifully designed, empathetic, practical, and fun guide.

The second edition includes writing and illustrations by Vic Liu, Dirty Lola, Ev'Yan Whitney, Elle Stanger, Heather Corinna, Nina Chausow, Alex Tait, Clare Edgeman, Leah Holmes, Sam Dusing, Patrick Wiedeman, Rebecca Bedell, Lafayette Matthews, Andrew Gurza, and Angus Andrews, with a foreword by adrienne maree brown.
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