• Peg and Rose Stir Up Trouble

Peg and Rose Stir Up Trouble

From the award-winning author of the Melanie Travis Canine Mysteries, senior sisters-in-law Peg Turnbull and Rose Donovan get along about as well as stray cats and pedigree pooches most days. But aside from being Melanie Travis’s beloved aunts, outspoken Peg and even-keeled Rose do have something in common—a true knack for solving murders . . .

Murder, She Wrote meets The Golden Girls in the second Senior Sleuths Mystery!

When a typically closed-off Peg attempts online dating at Rose’s strong urging, the experience plays out like an embarrassing mistake. At least, until she matches with Nolan Abercrombie—intelligent, attractive, and a self-proclaimed dog lover. The two share an instant connection that has Peg cautiously excited to finally bring someone special into her busy world of Standard Poodles and conformation shows.

Before Peg can admit that Rose was right and let down her walls for the budding romance, a terrible accident claims Nolan’s life. As details about his background and tragic death come to light, Peg has a serious hunch that someone successfully plotted to kill her first real date in decades . . .

With suspects galore and a slew of puzzling clues to peel through, Peg and Rose team up to solve a dangerous mystery unfolding before their eyes. The question is: Can the unlikely duo turn their radically different personalities into an advantage as they scramble to ID the guilty culprit—or will they manage to work against each other and find themselves precisely where a meticulous murderer wants them to be?

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