• Not Quite Snow White

Not Quite Snow White

Now in paperback! A young brown girl is eager to play Snow White in a school musical even when her classmates don’t think she’s “quite right” for the part. But that doesn’t stop Tameika from reaching for her fairy-tale ending.?

Tameika loves the stage. She’s cute. She’s spunky. And she’s played everything from a mermaid to a space cowgirl. So when her elementary school announces that they will hold auditions for a Snow White musical, Tameika knows exactly who she wants to be: the main character, of course—Snow White herself.

But she starts to hear her classmates chattering after the first day of auditions:

“She can’t be Snow White.”

“She’s too tall.”

“She’s much too chubby.”

“And she’s too brown.”

Will Tameika let this be her final curtain call? Or will she prove that “not quite” is JUST right?

Reminiscent of Kevin Henkes’s ChrysanthemumNot Quite Snow White is a sweet story about the power of performance, self-confidence, family, and charming imperfection.

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