• Mickey Chambers Shakes It Up

Mickey Chambers Shakes It Up

For readers of Talia Hibbert, a witty, contemporary love story with high emotional stakes and a multicultural cast, about a widowed bar owner who, upon returning to college at 42, inadvertently hires the woman who turns out to be the adjunct instructor of his online writing class to help tend bar at his failing establishment; for fans who love grumpy vs. sunshine

 Mickey Chambers is a 33-year-old adjunct instructor with a sunny disposition despite her chronic illness and dwindling bank account. When she finds out a local bar is hiring in a hurry, she throws her hat in the ring. Has she ever worked at a bar? Nope! But there are a lot of things Mickey hasn’t done before and after years of her youth spent ill, she is willing to try anything once. Especially if it helps her cover her medical costs for the summer.

Diego Acosta, a 42-year-old bar owner, needs help in a hurry. Since his wife, Lucía, died five years ago, he’s been running The Saloon by himself. But with only a skeleton crew and the pressures of returning to college, Diego fears he might be running his late wife’s bar into the ground. Between rowdy college students, one final English class, and an upcoming music festival, Diego accidentally hires his writing instructor in a panic to keep the bar afloat.

When Mickey brings her cheerful attitude to The Saloon, Diego balks at the changes: new cute cocktails, karaoke nights, and her pretty smile. It’s been so long since he’s had feelings for another woman, he wonders if a relationship with her is even possible. Mickey is trying to avoid a messy entanglement, but she’s ready to embrace everything life has to offer, including the grumpy Diego.

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