• Cheers to You Baby! Milestone Journal

Cheers to You Baby! Milestone Journal

Celebrate Baby's Milestones One Glass At A Time!

Either with wine or a favorite non-alcoholic libation/mocktail, babies are always a reason to celebrate. But baby's accomplishments shouldn't be the only ones to toast. How about a little love for the sleep-deprived, discombobulated parents?

Cheers To You Baby! is a unique, collectible milestone journal that parents can use to remember when & what happened with their baby while commemorating & enjoying the accomplishments of parenthood.

A first-of-its-kind baby milestone book & keepsake journal for the first year it reminds parents to take time for self-care. It's the ultimate gift for a gender reveal party, baby shower, “sip and see” get-together, expectant mom and/or dad, & friends or family with a new baby. Parenting is a journey full of memories. Why not raise a glass and say... Cheers To You Baby!

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