• Energy Cleanse Bundle

Energy Cleanse Bundle

D E T A I L S .


Our energy cleanse bundle is perfect to rid negative energy from your space and restore positivity.


The bundle includes:

white sage + palo santo + selenite



B E N E F I T S .


+ white sage: used for purification and ridding spaces of negative energy. It is also know to reduce stress, boost mood, and improve quality of sleep.


+ palo santo: used to restore tranquility, peace, and positivity in spaces.


+ selenite: is a crystallized form of gypsum. It has been known to provide clarity, clear blocked energy, and elevate the spirit.


H O W   T O   U S E .


Light your smudge stick over a dish. Be sure to create as much smoke and as little flame as possible.


Cleanse yourself first. Direct the smoke towards your body starting at your feet, to your head, and then back again.


Now begin walking around your space keeping your intention clear.

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