• Soul of a Killer by Abby Collette

Soul of a Killer by Abby Collette

In this mouthwatering cozy mystery series, fraternal twins Keaton and Koby know running a bookstore and soul-food café is tricky, but when it comes to solving mysteries, it’s do or dine.

Koby and Keaton are fraternal twins who were separated as children, but now they’ve found each other and opened a bookstore and soul-food café in the pleasant Pacific Northwest town of Timber Lake. Business is booming. But the course of bookselling never did run smooth.
Mama Zola, Koby’s devoted foster mom, has taken up residence in Timber Lake. She and Pete, one of the bookstore’s quirky employees, bring a peach cobbler over to a local bible study group, and there they find the body of someone that both of them have recently quarreled with. They find themselves suspects in the murder, but luckily Koby and Keaton are ready to sling out a side of justice.
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